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Finally the truth about 9/11...

31 January 2011 - 04:02

9/11, the truth!

A guy I know...

24 January 2011 - 07:19

Not sure where to post this...but as it deals with a guy married to a Thai, I'll post it here...ok so a guy I know, just split with his Thai wife of 4 years, they have 1 kid...she basically found a dick she likes better.

So I used to here from this guy maybe 1-2 times every couple of months. Now he emails or calls daily. Everytime, it is some new outrageous claim about how well he is doing. Always on the verge of a million doller deal, banging this girl or that,,,going here or there how great it is to be free etc...I don't buy a word of it, I know the guy and he is know to bullshit to no end.

Now he is sending me pictures of all these women he claims he is supposedly banging...not just to me, but to mutual friends...well they all come back as being taken from various web sights...not difficult to check really. Many are laughing at the guy behind his back while encouraging him to his face "wow good for you" (wanker behind his back)...sad to see, and I frankly find it pathetic.

Now as I said we all know the guy to bullshit/spin a yarn or more...but this is just over the top. So I and others are wondering how to tell the guy to stop, and go get the help he needs? Any ideas?

HMS Birthday

06 December 2010 - 04:40

How was it this year?

Wiki Now it's Thai news...

02 December 2010 - 07:44


Euro, in hindsight, good idea or not?

22 November 2010 - 19:56

Given the current economic mess, particularly in Europe, was the Euro a good idea or a bad one? Discuss...