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In Topic: Prices 2018

09 June 2018 - 11:29

Tilac ladies still generally ask 3k for LT.  Had a couple Vietnamese-American mates in town a couple weeks ago and they have no interest in LT whatsoever.  Every night it's the same - Baccara and Shark Gogo Bars on cowboy.  Went to chill with them one evening at Baccara and had a gorgeous cutie eyeballing me, bought her a drink and she got down to buiness with a quickness.  "You want to go with me?"  I didn't - but was curious - how much for ST, LT?  "I don't do Long Time" she replied.  "OK, how much for Short Time," she had a sly smile and said "usually the man gives me 5 thousand baht."  Holy shit, I raised my eyebrows and she came back with "but 4 thousand ok." haha.  I went back to chatting with my friends and saw her exit with a gentlemen shortly after.  

Not too long passed and she was back at the bar dancing.  And then she left again with an older dude.  Then shortly later she was back again.  And I thought - wow.  WTF.  I actually despise the place but the business there - my god.

Anyway - Everything certainly is more mercenary and Nana Plaza seems to be having an obesity epidemic.  And yet... Bangkok still has that allure.

So be it.

Ps. Love the Sak Yant tattoos on the back.  But full bore chest or stomach tattoos... why dear Buddha why????  Ugh.

In Topic: Usa Thread

09 June 2018 - 11:21

quick sideline - sorry - excellent testimony and reflective of disturbing trends:

In Topic: Line?

03 June 2018 - 05:34

View PostFlashermac, on 17 May 2018 - 08:50, said:

The Thais seem to be crazy about Line, which apparently is a free texting service. Is it worth using and should I load it onto my phone? I get asked fairly often it I'm on Line and get strange looks when I say no.

everyone i know in thailand, including their parents, grandparents, and distant relatives in laos - use Line. people don't even ask for my number anymore - they just show me their line QR code (or whatever it's called) and ask me to add them on the spot.   the main and obvious advantage for many folks is that you can call/text anyone without any minutes on your phone -- as long as you have a wifi connection, and line txts/calls don't eat away at your existing minutes.

In Topic: Appeal Court Dismisses Case Against British Activist

03 June 2018 - 05:30

good start.  every now and then you see a glimpse of hope for humanity.  not a very big one mind you - but it is there.

In Topic: On My First Trips

01 May 2018 - 11:11

Too much of a circle jerk here at times.  Not all the time mind you.  I'd like to see a lot more blokes with different views not licking each others nuts - without the asshole quotient going off the charts, probably impossible on the internet though.  

Thailand is in a repressive social slump compared to years ago but still a very fucking beautiful place where one can actively engage with life on a level that simply doesn't exist in the sterile West.  I truly believe that's why such a broad spectrum of people embrace it.