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Hip Thai pop music

20 July 2009 - 15:17

Here's a video from the latest release of my fav Thai band, Futon.

Very hip, very slick.  Well done.  And a very catchy song.  

Ms Vampy says the clothes are hip too (she wants me to buy her the grey hoodie thing :doah: ).  She'd know 'bout that.  Me, not so much.

But regardless of the clothes, Oh is just so cute and I have a thing for chick bass players, so there!

Seriously, if you like poppy-punky-guitary-smart-hip stuff and have a chance to catch Futon or (my other fav) Modern Dog in concert, go.  You'll not be disappointed.


The best animal name ever?

18 July 2009 - 21:42

En-route to finding some other bit of info, I came across this: the Bare-faced Go-away-bird.  

I shit you not.

Can you top that for the absolute best ever name for a critter??????


Soi Cowboy report

18 July 2009 - 20:01

OK, I'll post something here to make this board more interesting.  A few mates & I (sad-sack bachelors this evening, since we are pathetically into our gals :dunno: ) spent the night on Cowboy, bar-hopping.

We started off in front of Tony's & Moonshine Joint, at about 1730, watching the Issan village come alive.

That's always entertaining.

But we all agreed that it is, for the most part, the losers in the bars that have to come to work so early.  Not many pretty gals to be seen -- the consensus was that the superstars can't be arsed to show up much before 2100, cuz they don't need the $$ anyway.  However, we all had the same tastes, in that we like Chinesey-looking gals (the eyes, the nose, the less-flat face, etc), so YMMV.

A notable exception was Jungle Jim's nearby.  They had some very Issan-looking gals who were none-the-less *very* hot.  We however did not go in.  Not really sure why.  But drinks were bought for them from our perch at the other bar, and flirtations happened and promises were made LOL!  Perhaps even a couple of guys got phone numbers, but I cannot say.  Anyway, worth a recce in the future for anyone reading this.  Thai speaking better, as the Angrit seemed poor (but we all speak Thai, so maybe it was just our default speak).

We wandered off to the NNB.  As usual, it was.  Nothing to report at all.  You're really not missing anything, even without the name.  It is just the expat boys club, boring to all else.

Then we decided to check out the newly remodeled Long Gun.  Not that new, but new to us.  Ugh.  The remodel is crap, just cosmetics.  Not the seating.  And what happened to the Long Gun girls???  We saw two shifts of dancers, and decided to leave before our drinks were finished.  Dismal!  I don't think there was one there that I'd have fucked with your dick.  And not a lot of customers at 2100, but enough that we still had to sit at the stage instead of a booth, with a party of five.

Next stop, Rawhide.  Same complaint about the "remodel."  What did they do, really?  But they seemed to do something about the seating, maybe moved the tables?  More comfy than before anyway -- better than LG.  And WTF is up with the painting on the ceiling?  It looks like some giant blew a load all over it in fluorescent colors!  Ecch.  But anyway.  MUCH better staff.  Quite a few lookers.  Got a booth for all of us, but the place seemed to get busier as we stayed for our three drinks.  But not over-crowded, just a bit buzzing.

Last stop Baccara.  This used to be a regular stop for me, and I always had a bottle here.  But I had not been here in ~10 months, so all that good-will has moved on.  But...whoa!  Rocking.  With just two of us (the rest had gone home), we had to wait for some seating.  Only a couple of minutes, but still; and that's with the mama-san knowing both of us well, as well.  Standing room only at 2230, both floors.  And for good reason.  Same music (love it or hate), so the gals danced well, which is why I love it.  Both upstairs & down were packed out with very good looking gals.  I mean, shit all over Rainbow good-looking, and a great vibe.  EASILY the best gogo bar in Bangkok (I'd say LoS) at this moment IMHO.  And no issues about not being Japanese.  Very friendly, no hassles. In fact, just dicking around, none of the four gals who ended up with us even spoke Japanese (both of us do to some extent and we tried) LOL!  There were even phone numbers exchanged in a 45 minute, 2-3 drink visit.  Very friendly, not a Japanese only place at all IMHO, and a lot of hotties if you like the petite, athletic, Chinesey-looking, lighter-skinned type.  Rates are up-to-you to negotiate, but I never got the impression that normal rates (B1500-2k ST, 2k-2500 LT, in my view) were out of place as they were not demanding of anything as they sat with us.  Just the usual Cowboy gals, personality-wise.  Maybe even a bit more pleasant.

As always, YMMV.

Anyway, hope that helps someone.


Moon landing anniversary coming up

17 July 2009 - 13:01

Hard to believe it was forty years ago.  Man I feel old.  I remember being glued to the TV in awe.


Here's a great site to relive the memories: http://wechoosethemoon.com -- done in real time.  Very, very cool.


So, what's with the new Asia hotel rooms?

08 July 2009 - 20:35

Has anyone else noticed, that the "trend" is to have "open bathrooms?"  A bit weird, IMHO.  Not that they are bad, but...just weird.  As a mate said tonight:

"OK, if you are with someone whom you've been seeing for a while, the shower thing, that is.  Might be a shock for that first "romantic" getaway trip with a new GF tho'.  But the open toilet...well, I like my privacy for *some* things LOL!  Again, if you are out with a new gal for a first trip away...well, it is bit of a statement, innit?  One you may want to make more subtly, ideally."  

YUP, agreed.

Here's a couple of pix of my latest room in Sillypore.  Odd, anyway.  But OK.  Really odd is the fact at you see a bathtub as the first tining as you enter.  To get into the room, you need to veer right 45 degrees.  Again, odd, but not bad.  Just odd.

This clear bathroom thing *IS* becoming a trend in Asia tho', for good or bad...


Myself, I don't mind the open shower/tub.  I actually like that.  

But I'd rather not see my gal (nor her see me) taking a dump and wiping arse, as my friend said. SOME things are best left private IMHO :dunno: