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In Topic: Catalonia Has 'won Right To Independence'

14 October 2017 - 05:25

Barcelona it is said, and i am only repeating what I am reading, not my personal knowledge or opinion, but brings in far more money to Spain than it gets back from the central government in resources.
It appears Spain needs Barcelona and Catalan as a whole, badly given Spain's precarious economic strength these days. Spain and Italy are next shakiest economies after Greece.

It seems a no brainer for Barcelona. But is it? The cost of being your own country is very, very expensive. There are a long list of things Catalan has to think about. It may be better economically to stay as part of Spain. A few things to consider. Infrastructure. The electrical grid, etc, has to now be its own and that will cost a lot of money. Embassies around the world now have to be bought and built. The school system, police system, all institutions made into their own, with the appropriate government agencies seems easy but is not. Borders and how to interact with Spain. The migrant issue. Getting into the EU on its own. Its own military and having to house, feed and equip them. Airports, ports, etc.

Its bloody expensive. Likely to operate in debt for a while changing over.

In Topic: Usa Thread

03 October 2017 - 09:46

Viva Las Vegas - Elvis

As another tragedy happens I am fairly confident it won't change anything substantively.  We just wait for the next one.

In Topic: Global RIP thread

28 September 2017 - 13:18

Didn't see Frank Vincent. 4/15/37 - 9/13/17   Great roles in a variety of movies, notably Sopranos and that classic scene in Goodfellas "go get your shine box'


In Topic: Angeles 2017 Info?

28 September 2017 - 13:12

Toy 'toys' or sex 'toys'? For the latter, as you get on walking street near the entrance on the right there is a store that may have adult toys. There are malls, SM Clark near Walking Street will have the other kind of toys.

Upscale restaurants. If you don't mind being around the p4p area, the expensive hotels have fine dining. Century Park Tower, your hotel, Queens Hotel, Penthouse hotel.

In Topic: Usa Thread

28 September 2017 - 09:47

Kinda long viewing (over an hour) but very good description of America and why we are declining. The guy seems to have a progressive bent. Interview happened during the Dubya administration but its still timely. Basically all empires have a few things in common from start to finish and we (America) are showing signs of the end. Very good point he made about the CIA. He said no one foresaw the fall of the USSR. Basically in 1985 you said the USSR will implode within 5 years you were seen as a tin foil hat nut. He made a valid point of why didn't the CIA see it coming? We spent 21 billion at the time on the CIA who analyzed every thing possible about the USSR and were totally clueless about what was happening.