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Colestorol Tablets

25 October 2012 - 04:39

Hi guys i have just starting taking a low does of colestorol tablets(rosuvastatin) and the dreaded tablets for gout(allopurinol)
question is can you get this medication in thailand, as in do i need to go to the doctor to get a script so to speak or can i get it at the pharmacy.
t minus 9 days and counting

Pattaya Hotels

11 August 2012 - 07:16

Hi guys looking for you opinions on the best places to stay in pattaya close to the action but not to close, have stayed from high end to low end lol, but just looking to stay in a decent place thats comfortable for a long term stay nor wanting to watch my pennies but dont want to waste them on something i really dont need if that makes sense.

Year Long Stay Or Longer

08 August 2012 - 06:51

hey guys, and gals if there are any on here lol.
Im looking at triping around thailand for a year or so, have to escape life for a while. How do i go about it. Do i contact our own immigration department(australia) of do i have to go through a thai embassy.Do i get a tourist visa, or O visa, what sort of visa do i need all i know is  i want to stay a year or so maybe longer, use it as a base maybe go to burma lao that sort of thing.
have been to thailand many times but never longer than 45 days, so just looking at the best and cheapest way to do it.

Thought i would ask you guys as im sure there are a few aussies on here who have done it or doing it.
costs would be great if you know them/

Sorry for being a pain
thanks for the help in advance


Been To And Now Back From The Dark Side Lol

17 May 2012 - 04:40

Hi everyone, gee i havent been on here on in Los on my own for nearly 4 years now,  got caught in the dreaded realtionship with a western lady.

Oh how i here or the cat calling and howls now lmao.
Anyhow i have escaped plucked up the courage to resume my life whoo hoo.
I so feel like a newbie again
Can i ask a question 2 really?

Is the soi 7 beer garden in bangkok still going, i heard it closed, and once i get my feet wet again on here is there a place to search the old forums, so i dont annoy all the old stagers who hate the same questions getting asked

hopefully gullivers is still happening