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The End Of Days: Eden Club Closed?

30 January 2018 - 03:20

Say this can't be so. Is the rumour unfounded? I am hoping. I know I'm not alone. :shakehead


jack :help:

Soi 7 Beergarden To Close?

27 April 2017 - 05:13

I heard a rumour. Twice. Closing for 'renovation' around 'the end of April' was what I heard both times, to be precise, but, the way it's going on Lower Suk these days, I'm shitting my pants. :clown:

It is April now. The cruellest month. I am incoming soon. And Soi 7 Beergarden is to me as star charts are to sailors. :applause:

Tell me it ain't so. Anyone? :sad:

jack :help:

If Love Could Last Forever: Fiery 'fiery' Jack 2016

16 November 2016 - 04:19

Well, here I am. Last night, first time in BKK for six months, and here we go...

Soi Cowboy? Why not! Baccara was good. Lots of sexy young birds, doing the two step putting-out-a-fag shuffle, all knickerless underneath wee mini skirts on you could crane your neck and get a good look up. But mostly mainly very obviously out for a Jap bloke, of which there were many in attendance. Had three beers and left. 6/10

Suzy Wong should be renamed 'Old Bangers' and, incredibly, if it's possible to be a woman wearing stockings and not look sexy, my votes go to number 85 and 62. One beer and fuck that. 2/10

The hilarious thing was that in Suzy Wong I sat next to some handsome young German bloke and his beautiful German girlfriend. She was a bit pissed, :drunk: and had obviously dragged him here as a 'let's go and tut-tut at the sleaze' sketch. He was sober. Soon as the gals start grinding knickerless, his eyes start wandering and her face looks like torn shite. She gets on his case and won't give up. I don't speak German well but I felt sorry for the bastard. Couple of embarrassing world wars lost and all that, and now this. :relieved:

Lighthouse is good too. Mostly dogs dancing but some diamonds in the dustbin. 6/10

Then somewhere else. Drink had kicked in. Some shit place. Birds all over me but uglier than I am.

Ended up going back to Lighthouse then in some short time dump with two birds from Lighthouse. One was a wee chubby thing, good as gold and could've sucked a bowling ball through a hosepipe. Other sat there and looked at her phone while I shagged fatty. Business as usual, then.

Good to be back. It's still here. :hug:

jack :help:

Where Do The Nana Girls Go?

31 October 2016 - 11:53

Just reading about EQ Late Nite Club (i. e. what Nana Hotel Disco was calling itself a few months ago and maybe still is) and its ongoing identity crisis on Stickman's site. :applause:

He, I think very correctly, observes that: 'When Nana Plaza closes for the night, girls don't head across to EQ looking for another customer where they did exactly that back in the venue's heyday [when it was plain old Nana Disco...'

Which begs the question (in my house at least), where DO they go, then? :hubba:

Thermal? Nana Car Park? Home? :down:

Just wondering. :relieved:

jack :help:

Windsor Suites

28 October 2016 - 14:06

Was just about to book a greatly discounted room here for my next business trip :drunk: when I noticed some online reviews claiming it's decidedly 'guest unfriendly'. :nono:

Whispers of a 1000 baht charge for bringing back a takeaway tart? Said reviews were from years back. Can anyone confirm or refute based on recent experience or information, and/or appraise me of whether it's a dump or not.

Thanks, lads. :beer:

jack :help: