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Thai Id Cards And Thai Logic

15 January 2013 - 10:45

So here we are back in LOS. My wife has been here since the first part of Dec.
She see's that her Thai. Id. card expries in March. So she goes into town and tells them she needs to renew her card. No you can not do, wait untill March.
She leaves..I tell her to wait untill after the new year and try again.
So this morning wife and mother in law go into town. They come back and she is mad. Will not do this morning. Come back in March..
Mother in law gets on the moblie, makes a call to somebody. I find out the somebody is a brother of her's that I have only met once.
Found out he works somewhere with the Thai. goverment.
Go after lunch, Ok off we go. She waits in line and gets to the counter, Lady asks, why are you back?
My wife again says why she needs to do this today or by the end of the week.
Lady says again no.
My wife asks if I lose it can I get new one then?
Well yes you can. My wife goes, well off I go to the police  to file report I lost it.
Lady says no you did not lose it as I see it.

My mother in law asks her a couple of questions. Girl answers her. Then tells my wife and mother in law to move so she can take care of next person.
Mother in law, asks another  question. The girls eyes lite up.
They talk and the next thing I know my wife got her new card issued...
Now the kicker, We get back home. Mother in law is happy she got new holder for her Id card..
My one sister in law goes, Card no good.. Huh.
My mother in law's card expried in Sept. last year...
So guess where we are going in the morning???

Death In The Family

21 October 2012 - 21:51

Well after failing health, my wife's aunt passed away.
Bless her heart she lived to be 84 years old.
Survived surgey to fix a broken hip and was starting to get around better, but she just kinda gave up.
So here is my wife in the states and I offer to send her home. No she says, we will be home in Dec. and we will be there for the 100 day celebration.
Her brother had her setup with a video program called Tango and every morning for the past 3 days he would confernce her in on the Monks being at the house for the evening rites I believe they are.
Tonight late he will be doing the main funeral at the temple for her aunt.

Last night when she was doing the video, her brother was showing how many people were there.
One person asked why my wife was not there. Her brother then turned the moblie to the lady and said tell her hi.
She was shocked to see my wife on video. Then she said smart idea.
So far my wife hs been holding up well, but I know there will be the time, when she will break down and I will be there for her.

At A Cross Roads

17 May 2012 - 12:59

Well I'm just kinda venting here. So here it goes.

I made a big mistake with the line of work I do.
Damaged a machine I was hauling. There were issues with the piece prior that I noted.
Any how the company I had been contracted to for the last 10 years canceled my contract.
So here's the rub. I've been doing this line of work for the last 22 years.. with only 3 companies in that time frame.
I'm 52 years old and have been kinda getting burnt out on it lately.

So do I look for another company to contract with, go on my own and just make my own contacts for hauling work or just sell out and start new new career at my age?

My wife bless her little thai heart is holding strong and is with me on my work.
Thanks guys. Just venting and asking

!%& Tsa

11 November 2011 - 23:23

Well this morning I put the mrs. on a flight to go home.
No things are good.

Just moved up her flight due to my wrk schedule.
Anyhow she leaves Dallas no problem. Gets to Chicago for her flight to bkk.
I call her aat 9am and she's there and finding her way to the next gate for her 12 o'clock flight.
I call her again at 11:30. No answer, mobile still open.I leave msg. you ok?
Well at 11:45 she calls me all upset. She says police stop me and ask wht am i doing and where am I going too.?
She tells them Thailand to vist family.
Do you have boarding pass they ask. Why yes I do here it is.
How did you get to Chicago?
I flew from Dalls,.Well your address is in Ga. Why did you fly from Dallas they ask.
My husbands work. He is a truck driver.
They kept asking her all sorts of what I think were dumb questions trying to trip her up I believe.
Then the crap hits the fan.
Do you have cash money. Yes I do, but under 10K so I do not need to report it.
They take her to a private office and ask her to show them the money. She says why, I have this much money and it is not near or close to 10K.

They threatened her with taking the money under the drug running and money laundrying laws.
She then blows up.
Tells them she is not  drug runner or laundrying money.
They have her show the money, which by the way was in a bank envlope.
I find out that when I left her a voice mail they were taking to her.She said this is my husband calling now. Would you like to talk with him?
They then checked my flight schedule I guess because they asked her when I was flying over as she stated prior I was coming later next month..

She barely made her flight and was very upset. So now I have to wait almost 20 hours to hear the full story.
She said they took either 3 or 4 other people out of the line also..

Damm arses!!!
Any body taking odds I get jacked up next month now??

question for the Aussie's

08 May 2011 - 20:17

I have a question or 2 for the Aussie's here on this board.

What is going on in your home country that we here in the states are shipping ove a huge amount of Cat equipment?

The last several months the company I'm with and several other companies have been moving big wheel loaders and other units?

I'm talking the 992k models and 994 models.

What are you all rebuilding or building that you need all this big stuff?