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  1. just give them a shake. Played Murray Downs yesterday, shot another best score, will turn pro in a year or so with luck (yeah right!). All good. Was hot got a bit of sunburn. Cooler now back in Melbourne. The GL applied some creams on my burns and I smell a bit poofy.... don't tell anyone though. Will play local tomorrow and keep you all informed.
  2. Just finished 18 holes at Rich River - nice course, whilst not my best score a very enjoyable 19 holes. The GL is taking me out for a nice romantic dinner soon, she spent the day in a day spa, feeling lovely about herself. Love the holidays
  3. Weather forecast: started raining on the 10th hole, got pissed on while waiting for dickheads on the 16th. 18th the clouds stopped... Another PB on the course, lost 3 balls in one bush though...
  4. Washed down with a few ales after scoring my best ever golf score.... nice
  5. Mum just did a lamb roast... lovely
  6. rained here earlier... I'm bored
  7. That may have been my fault old chap. See you may have thought I ordered another beer, but it was filled with top shelf liquor (being the high class conosoeur that I am - as you know). I also told the boss to include a few 000 B tip in the bell ring as well as enough cash to fix her buffaloes. She agreed that since you are so JaiDee you wouldn't mind. Thanks again <- had to put that in, the missus loves 'em. As for me, I'm too much of a tight arse to ring the bell, although the bell was rung on my behalf the night I met Miss Red... Who rang it? The ex missus of course. Bit of a
  8. jack, You are a star... we simply have to get together for a few cold ones this summer.
  9. Says jasmine: Hi, [color:"red"] Can you tell if they fake orgasms? [/color] Gentlemen, I want to know also. Cheers! :D Being the greatest lover in the world, I can tell you, Jasmine, no one has ever faked an orgasm with me! :) ::
  10. Sounds like a good laugh, I'll keep an eye out for it when I get there (Tuesday!! --- 20 hours till takeoff!)
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