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  1. There was a loophole - any unwanted gun could be handed back, and cashed in - whether it was legal or not. My Dad got rid of a few he'd been given over the years, or picked up second hand. Some didn't work and he profited nicely even though they were broken. He even told the cop on the day they were just scrap, the cop said he could keep them if he wanted but the govt was happy to pay for them, working or not since they were all getting scrapped. The only reason he handed them in he didn't want to fork out for too many new safes to keep them in - up until then they'd been sitting in the shed.
  2. Well said KS, we (straight, white blokes) are continually "racially vilified" - even down here, a country born from all races/creeds etc... the good thing is - we can take it, and don't call for intervention, or compensation, or play the bullying card. We just laugh it off. Much to the dismay of many of my "clients" - personally I'm proud to be a straight white guy, wouldn't rather be any other race, colour, creed or religion. Statistically I have a lot better chance of "succeeding" in life, and living longer - less chance of being shot, imprisoned or suffering from a sexually or intravenously
  3. Welcome back Lew... Mrs is looking well. Yell out when the wedding's on
  4. Wonder if this will affect Bali's P4P scene? Can imagine the scammers extracting some cash from single blokes on leave.
  5. He'll have a great time with Bubba - won't have trouble shitting ever again.
  6. That's a good plan Mekong, for anyone. People often plan based on favourable exchange rates and don't take into account fluctuation in FX, inflation, needing to move due to unforeseen circumstances and the odd trip home to farang land. ALWAYS plan for the worse case scenario - investments could head south, interest rates, etc - unfortunately I have met quite a few lads who optimistically "retire" to places like LOS only to have to return home sooner than expected to find a job to top up their investments.
  7. June/July definately low season toga. Try a few different websites, or "flexible with dates" searches. It may just be the particular dates you entered into the search engine. Prices down here have just dropped by around 30% - (1200 down to 800 Qantas sale - return all in) and I'm finding it hard to think of a reason not to come.
  8. Thanks DC, I only got home last week! Haven't been to Pattaya in a year though, maybe back for Xmas and a few birthdays, New Years... Dec could be a big month this year
  9. Agree LK Metro is a good spot, a few gogos (6 ish) and plenty of beer bars and places to eat. A lot cheaper than WS.
  10. I've known a few lads over the years who have voted (in oz) for their mates who are stuck at work, who haven't been organised enough to vote early via post - even now we don't need to produce ID, and simply state our name and address. Not even DOB is on the book, just name and address. We get fined down here if we fail to vote, which is why this happens.
  11. I think the author of the article makes some excellent points. Sure, not everyone who owns a digital mobile phone/smartphone/tablet etc is a slave, but some people most definately are. Like most, I have a smartphone, and find it handy mainly to check the weather, stockmarket, keep in touch - especially with people living abroad - as well as work related and other calls. What I find most annoying, is people half way through a real face to face conversation all of a sudden pull out the phone to reply to a text, tweet or whatever, totally disengaging from the face to face conversation they ar
  12. Got all that Mekong, just what we suspected - all ready to go now... this holiday's going to be massive..
  13. Well put lads, a few western governments could learn a bit from the Thai government on kicking foreigners out for breaking laws - our prisons are overflowing but we allow foreigners to stay who have been charged with the worst crimes.. As stated, you will always be "the farang" - and that will never change in LOS. Can't see myself ever moving there full time, for me it will always just be another holiday destination, albeit one of my favourites and most visited place. I could see myself going down hill quite quickly in a place like Thailand, especially if immigrating there alone. I'll ne
  14. Might be a better idea to move all Mekong's tax and business issues to it's own thread hey? I'm glad he's sacrificing so much to spend some time with his family, but the title implies a real gentleman left this earth recently, and that's what it's about right?
  15. Thanks lads - got to keep the boss happy...
  16. 100% positive, but then everyone at work knows what I'm like, plus they all seem to have chosen the LOS as their holiday destination this year.. I think people are getting over the lady factor of Thailand, and are starting to realise it is genuinely a great holiday destination, especially the girls (at work) - who lap up the holiday resort type places.
  17. Morning lads, I know it has been asked before, but I have done a search and found nothing recent, and we all know laws can change quite frequently. This upcoming trip I'm bringing the Good Lady, and she's on a few medications. Most I know she can bring into LOS with a script, some she could probably bring without one.. One of the essentials in Immigraine - which is a strong anti Migraine pill. It's prescription only, and obviously she'll have a copy of the script from her doc. Any dramas bringing it in?
  18. The clip in the link in the original post is still there.
  19. Red's back in town and he's bringing the GL.. Will only be in Bangkok 14/15th, so if there is a Friday meeting will try to make it, if the GL has an early one (likely). The bulk will be down in Phuket - Kata 16th - 22nd Feb Karon 22nd - March 5th Yes, I'm bringing the farang Good Lady, who has kept me sane the past few years. One or two board members have met her, and she's a good laugh as well as a lovely girl... Having said that a few big nights will be in order, as well as "afternoon beers" and happy to catch up with anyone who will be down south at that time. Kata will be stay
  20. If trying to make less people own guns isn't the answer... what is? Clearly the current state of affairs must be addressed... Or do people's lives mean so little these days, "Because it's in the Constitution"? disclaimer: yes I'm an Aussie - does this mean I shouldn't post in the US Thread? If not I'll stop when Americans stop commenting on other countries' affairs... including LOS disclaimer 2 : 90% + of Americans I've met have been great people.. the lawmakers/people with a bit of "pull", however (as in most countries) leave a lot to be desired.
  21. I always strike up a conversation about Kashmir and if shop owner is of Indian heritage I make derogatory statements about Pakistan. If taylor is of Pakistan heritage I make derogatory statements about India. Works every time Might try that this trip - worth a go.... about time I smartened my act up a bit, and suit up - the last one seemed to have shrunk a bit the past few years...
  22. Yeah, good idea - arm everyone up... what could go wrong? Been no problems so far has there?
  23. Interesting article - Good point below.. ''Many people get robbed every day here in Patong. If the robbery is committed by a straight person, it seems to fly under the radar. If it's a ladyboy though, it becomes a big issue.'' It isn't hard to see how the LB's are popular. 2000 man, 87 LB's... same thing happens down here - the feminine type blokes rarely go without.
  24. Making it a requirement to have served isn't a bad idea for Sec Def, but it sure rules out a lot of qualified people for Prez. Running a country (IMO) should be like running a company, especially where it comes to budgets etc. No rank higher than Buck Sgt? So ALL officers are crap now according to Tsow flash? A WWI German Corporal used to say the same think, a lot - often claiming as a corporal he knew better than the Generals who were screaming for him to not attack Russia, and to change tactics... Personally I'm glad he didn't listen, but doesn't give much weight to Tsow's idea.
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