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  1. Pattaya or San Fransisco? Upon seeing the photo, I'm sure Eyebee and I crossed paths once or twice - another true gent lost.
  2. Very good - starting to feel a lot better about my - at times shitty - roster now... Thanks for the heads up!
  3. How does 41 (25 plus 16) days off a year equate to 40% of the year off? Or am I missing something?
  4. Just watched this on the box - not a bad flick, and have been following it for a few weeks now. I'm sure the younger brit's new bar will do well, even as he heads home for a bit. Pity he didn't utilise the documentary to give it a bit of a plug. The older brit had the better taste in LB's though - just sayin... 7/11 girl certainly had her head screwed on, both "managing" the other LB's and investing in 7/11 can't be a bad plan - good on her.. to be honest I'd rather jump the "Tom" than her though. Interesting, at times touching doco - will tune in again next week if it's still going.
  5. BMI is a bit of a fallacy - at 175cm /5' 10, when I weighed 95 kgs and was full of muscle, I was morbidly obese. Now I'm around 80 and sporting a "gut" but the BMI says I'm in better shape than when I was actually fit and in training. BMI doesn't take fat content of the body into consideration, as muscle actually weighs more than fat. The reason a lot of people who are doing well by getting fit and exercising get disheartened as they may gain weight, whilst reducing their fat content and waistline. They look better, but feel worse because of what the scales say.
  6. - will report on phuket's condition in March. Will be around for just under 3 weeks then. On the other hand, Pattaya is FULL of quality tourists
  7. A lot of my workmates swear by Lite 'n' Easy - home delivered, reasonably fresh food for the same cost (roughly) as buying it all in the supermarket. Good option for a bachelor.
  8. A 17 hour drive with the missus and kids? Can't see that going well. No cheap flights available?
  9. Gobble - restaurant owners were the majority of my customers when I was in the meat game, and they varied a lot. The well run ones were making money hand over fist, but for every one of those there were 10+ worrying where they were going to scrape up enough money to pay the bills. A lot comes into it - good staff, good landlord who doesn't charge ridiculous rents, obviously location and price etc..
  10. I'd say the fact you were all facing the same enemy and could have died together had more to do with how well you all got along. That and the fact you would have been relying on each other to get out of the shit - rather than the fact you all had guns.
  11. That's a good idea - that, or do what the yanks do and let everybody own a gun... that'll prevent shootings..
  12. I'm no expert cav but one would assume if the Dow is up, then businesses may be turning a tidy profit (otherwise investors would not buy the shares) - and may be inclined to put on more employees - they definately won't be hiring if they are losing money, and the Dow is going down... Pretty simple really
  13. Kelly's remains were thrown into a mass grave after his execution and discovered during renovations to the gaol in 1929 when they were reburied inside Pentridge Prison, save his skull which remains missing. I gather this is being financed by the taxpayer (me)? I wonder if the families of the other prisoners' buried at Pentridge are afforded the same privilege. (FWIW Pentridge Prison was knocked down some years ago and is now a trendy place to live. Some heritage listed buildings remain.)
  14. I'd be inclined to invest the money elsewhere even if there was an extra zero on the end of those profit figures.
  15. They're gold H, will try to use as many of them as I can this week..
  16. I'm inclined to agree with Corinth, they sponsored him, not employed him. I get a feeling Armstrong would have received some good legal advice before "coming out".
  17. Other includes "legal intervention" and "undetermined" deaths (from the link). Accident means just that. You are right, if there are no guns then there would be no accidental shootings, but like I posted, we still have a lot of guns in Oz, it is just regulated a bit better now.
  18. Source http://www.aic.gov.au/publications/current%20series/tandi/261-280/tandi269/view%20paper.html Sidenote: population was 17.2 million in 1991 (start of the figures) and 19.5 million in 2001 a 10% increase.
  19. Number of firearm related deaths Year Accident Suicide Homicide Other (a) Total (a) Other includes legal intervention and under determined deaths. Source: Australian Institute of Criminology adapted from Australian Bureau of Statistics Underlying Cause of Death 1991-2001 [computer file] 1991 Accident: 29 Suicide: 505 Homicide: 84 Other: 11 Total: 629 1992 Accident: 24 Suicide: 488 Homicide: 96 Other: 14 Total: 622 1993 Accident: 18 Suicide: 431 Homicide: 64 Other: 9 Total: 522 1994 Accident: 20 Suicide: 420 Homicide: 76 Other: 13 Total: 529 1995 Accident: 15 Suicide: 388 Homicide
  20. Flash, Anyone can bend statistics to their point of view. I did a quick google and apart from websites which have a vested interest in gun ownership (gun clubs, sporting shooters etc), the figures seemed to drop. I'll try to cut and paste the figures from the Australian Institute of criminology in the following post. I have never heard of the "Christian Science Monitor" - would they have a vested interest in blurring figures? Gun lobby type websites show similar figures of gun related crime post 1996 in Oz. The people interviewed in the youtube clip seem to have been misinformed at the
  21. "Unintentional Poisoning" - stands out to me, I have known people who have dies by all other related deaths in the chart, bar this one.. and coss is right, death by cancer, stroke, heart, respiratory of a smoker will go down as tobacco related. Basically if a smoker dies by any "natural" means - that's what it goes down as.
  22. Really? I've known a few to complain here and there...
  23. “The Speaker said what’s been painfully obvious to us for a long time: the President wants to go over the fiscal cliff and he’s going to get his way,†said Rep. Michael Burgess (R-Texas). ​You would expect a Republican to say this, I expect the Dem's are saying the same about the Republicans. One thing both sides are likely NOT thinking about is how this will affect families, workers, those seeking employment - real people.... other than how to make them vote next time around.
  24. The legal agreement that the three made in 2009 was deemed invalid by Kansas state because they did not use a certified doctor for the insemination. Why anyone would NOT use a real doctor to artificially inseminate is beyond me. That said, there's a lot of guys who jerked in a jar for $20 (?) who are very nervous right now...
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