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  1. thought it was longer than that - walked soi 8 to soi 6 last trip and it was a good half hour (most of that dodging other pedestrians) - since walking st is further... up to you. Would see a lot of funny things on the way I guess.
  2. I really liked it. Wouldn't call it "one of the greats" but it was a good laugh and full of excitement... the carving of the arm and subsequent "instant" amputations got the mind racing.
  3. A year without a drink gobble - well done mate, really.. Around about the time you're celebrating that I'll be likely downing a few in LOS for my solitary Thai trip for 2013, hopefully with a few old mates... ok I might go again later in the year... got to love those leave in lieu's.. DS - 99% clear's got to be good news. I had a brain scan once, they found nothing! Happy New Year everyone, there's plenty of people we're all having a better year than. Appreciate what you have, want for nothing and live like there's no tomorrow. burp
  4. taxi from the new BKK airport to Pattaya would be quicker (when you consider check in time, and disembarking at the other end) and I dare say cheaper than any flight.
  5. yes it is - but too far to walk. Baht bus should get you there
  6. They may have no intention of leaving (economic immigrants/refugees etc) but as far as I know they would not need to renounce citizenship to be able to settle in the UK/France, so why should they? Especially if they ever intend to re visit families back home, which the ones I knew/worked with/drank with in the UK and down here often do. Obviously after any danger (if any) was gone.
  7. Or at least not be afforded the generous social security networks their country may offer them.
  8. Think about it coss, if a pilot "goes troppo" does he really need a gun to do more damage than what we saw on Sept 11th?
  9. Countries like Greece etc getting poorer, statistically helps even out the average, if richer countries experience recession etc, and poorer countries stay the same, or prosper a bit, the statisticians can say poverty has slowed.
  10. Found this quote online somewhere - food for thought In the 16 years from 1980 to 1996, there were 21 gun massacres in the US and 13 in Australia. In 1996, the world’s strictest gun control laws were passed in Australia. In the 16 years since, there have been 41 gun massacres in the US, and in Australia – zero. Having said that, my dad (farmer) owns guns, and doesn't have trouble buying them - needs to be able to put animals out of their misery. Friends of mine are "Sporting Shooters" and either hunt with guns, or shoot targets - some at an international competitive level. They hav
  11. A B double is like what baa99 has posted but one less trailer. The one above is known as a triple, or road train. Last time I drove one (2 and a bit years ago) they used mirrors while reversing.
  12. Also read the US government is/may mandate a rear view camera for all automobiles in 2014. Meaning that all cars will have a TV screen and probably be touch screen. Ha - next door neighbour (great bloke) just bought a Mazda SUV for his ever growing family, and he (or more so his lovely wife) loves the rear view camera, and I had a go at it last night.. I asked him if he knew what the B-Doubles use. He said no. I said they use mirrors... Handy for the ladies though, and important not to run over your kids..
  13. That's a good price, my jetstar flights cost about that (ex melbourne) with a few extras (baggage etc).
  14. Time to ask some serious questions and look at the constitution. Bearing in mind it was written when there was no, or not much of a US Army 200 odd years ago. It's simply happening too often. Dreadful time of the year for the families, friends, staff and neighbours etc over there.
  15. Interesting question, my twin is gay (nothing against that) where as I am not, the difference between us is that she is Female and I am Male. Which would imply you are not identical twins, therefore were born from two separate eggs, the same as if you were born years apart, rather than one egg which split in two. I'd say it's just "one of those things" - you are either attracted to the opposite sex, same sex, or both. The same reason one would be more inclined to support a certain football team even if the family supports another one.
  16. Thanks mate - started to stress for a bit there.. Jetstar say I can rebook the flight at a later date??
  17. If the world does end on Dec 21st, will I get a refund for my flights and accommodation for February? Purchased online with Visa, insurance through Zurich.... Just asking.
  18. kamui, I'd have a look at what may be automatically downloaded if I were you. My data limit is 1.5 GB and I never go anywhere near it (rarely go over 250 MB to be honest), but use the data a fair bit more than "a few youtube music videos or so" - 1 GB should be hundreds if not thousands of youtube clips.
  19. Now, the major reason that you are going back is for the free health care. Mekong put a process in place 30 years ago (BUPA health insurance) which should have seen him not need the NHS free health care - the way i read the story, there is no irony, the main reason he's going home is because the health insurance company is shafting him.
  20. Sort of like the English saying England when they actually mean Britain Not really Flash - England is England, where Britain includes Scotland and Wales. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland includes Northern Island and the British Isles. A lot of Brits call themselves English, Scots, Welsh, Yorkshiremen etc. A Frenchman is inder no obligation to refer to himself as a European, he can call himself a Frenchman if he wants surely? Or a Parisian if from Paris. Same same. If the French called themselves Europe, or Zimbabwe called itself Africa it would be a similar com
  21. That's shit mate - hope you let the powers that be know afterwards what happened. It's standard on most airlines - medicinal and certain valuables (eg cameras and laptops which may not be covered if checked in) are exempt. Would have expected better on Thai Air.
  22. Of course Specialist's, and any other medication/medical equipment is generally not counted in the 10/15 kg carry on/one bag limit, the same as a woman's "handbag" (which can often be the size of a small elephant). Most, if not all airlines allow laptop and camera gear to be carried on in addition to the carry on allowance as they often are not covered by insurance if they are checked it, and can be worth a bit of cash. I don't know how many times I've been stuck behind someone on check in arguing about what they can and cannot check in, they generally say ok I'll take it back to the car,
  23. Best of luck Mekong, enjoy time with the family and the pets, and don't let the weather get to you. Remember it aint over till it's over. The fat lady hasn't even started to warm up yet. if anyone can hit this thing on the head it's you.
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