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  1. Is she perhaps a graduate of the vocation education track? Ask her if this is the "por vor chor" or "por vor sor" certificate. Por Vor Chor classes is what someone who had completed M.3 would take, to earn M.6 equivalency. That person could them continue with Por Vor Sor schooling, to obtain the equivalent of a two year (associate's) degree. They can then merge with normal university for another couple of years to earn a four-year degree.


    For people who work, this schooling is on evenings and weekends. I had a squeeze for awhile from Tilac bar who went to Por Vor Chor every Sunday - eight hours.

  2. I remember once walking on the elevated BTS walkway near Central World, idly observing a hi-so mother and father (well-dressed, probably very well educated) walking toward me, with their 10 year old (?) daughter skipping alongside happily, with a colorful T-shirt featuring an indistinct brown triangle, and the caption "Member - Champion Muff-Diving Team". I started to crack up just as they approached me - and the parents sort of looked at me askance, and edged slightly farther away from me.


    I'm sure the mother must have congratulated herself warmly when she purchased that shirt for her young daughter, impressed with its prestigious, yet puzzling English text.

  3. I cracked two ribs (bottom right side of my back) after slipping on some wet stairs a few years back. Very painful for a few weeks - coughing and laughing were very painful - even clearing my throat hurt a lot. And - sneezing - sweat Jesus - that would almost bring me to my knees in pain. But - it all healed up after about three months, wit no after-effect.


    But - about a year ago, after a bad cold, I developed a throbbing pain higher on my back - same side as the cracked ribs. It was kind of weird - intermittent sort of pain - depending on how how I breathed and moved. After about a week or so, I started wondering if I had tuberculosis, or cancer, or just what it was. So - I went to a doctor. It turned out to be pleurisy - which is an inflamation of the lining between your lungs and your chest wall (there are actually two linings - an inner and an outer - that normally slide smoothly past each other). I had somehow irritated a patch of the lining in-between the two opposing membranes. So - it was like a couple of sections of sandpaper scraping against one another. The doctor gave me some anti-inflammatory medicine, and after about three days, the problem was gone - and never returned.


    One way to check - with pleurisy, direct external pressure on the spot dose not cause any pain (no friction between the membranes). With a cracked rib, direct pressure HURTS. I'm not sure what would happen with a torn muscle - probably pain upon direct pressure.




  4. It "works" in Singapore - if you can call that success.


    I have to agree though - there are not that many old cars on the roads in Thailand in the first place. I will guess it is significantly fewer than 10% - maybe even 5%. So - it is indeed just about artificially stimulating the domestic auto manufacturing sector.

  5. Well, if you had "Elephant Mahouts" as the next aggrieved party to threaten mob action, you are the winner:




    AYUTTHAYA ― Operators of private elephant shelters on Thursday are preparing to march on Bangkok with their animals to protest a proposed amendment to the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act which they said was drafted without their participation.


  6. Let's see - we've had - in turn - rice farmers, then pork producers, then rubber farmers, and now corn farmers turn to mob rule, to protest their situation - and in every case the government has responded with placating policies. Thailand is now addicted to mob rule to get any policies changed. That certainly bodes well for smooth commerce in the future (!).


    Let's see - what will be the next group to take to the streets, to intimidate the government into bribing them to go away? Egg producers? Taxi drivers? Dairy farmers? Gold miners?

  7. He probably didn't think this plan through very well:




    Private Dressed As General To Get Free Drinks


    (21 September) A soldier has been arrested for disguising himself as a Lieutenant General to bully a bar owner into voiding his bills.


    Ms. Orn-Uma Sukkasem, 57, the owner of Tukta Cafe and Karaoke Bar in Nonthaburi Province, told the police that Pvt. Chatchai Sribung-ngaw, 21, had been drinking and eating at her bar on the night of 19 September. He also reportedly summoned a waitress to drink with him.


    When Ms. Orn-Uma′s bar closed down after midnight, she presented a bill of 1,800 baht to Pvt. Chatchai, who reportedly complained the price was too high. Ms. Orn-Uma said she agreed to give him a discount of 500 baht, but Pvt. Chatchai still refused to pay the bill.


    The Private eventually walked to his van in the parking lot, and came back dressed as a Lieutenant General. He threatened Ms. Orn-Uma that he would have her business closed down for good, according to the owner. She called police soon afterwards....


    ...The man also failed to answer which year he graduated from the cadet academy, and was unable to explain how a 21-year-old man like him can earn such a high-ranking army decoration so quickly.


    Pvt.Chatchai later confessed that he was actually a private serving as a driver for Lt.Gen.Pavaris. His boss was sleeping, Pvt. Chatchai said, so he drove the van out for drinks.


    Ms. Orn-Uma asked Pvt. Chatchai to pay for his meal, but he said he only had a few hundreds baht. Ms. Orn-Uma then took the money, and did not file any charge against him, saying it would be waste of her time.




  8. If you are looking for a "disco" for dancing, this won't be of any use, but of you are looking for a good place to hang out, and admire the "eye candy, " a very good choice is "Seen Space" on Thonglor Soi 13 - see map at http://binged.it/14C0BIf


    This is an enclosed square (similar to Nana Plaza), with about 15 venues opening onto it - including Beer, Brew & Cider, and a secondary location of Fatgutz. The center of the plaza is full of seating, and the place attracts affluent Thais, as well as maybe 10% Western clientele. Packed out on Fridays, and after 11:00 pm most other days. Great place for people watching.




  9. Radicalism 52.75

    Socialism 18.75

    Tenderness 34.375


    These scores indicate that you are a tough-minded moderate; this is the political profile one might associate with a jaded materialist. It appears that you are skeptical towards religion, and have a pragmatic attitude towards humanity in general.


    Your attitudes towards economics appear laissez-faire capitalist, and combined with your social attitudes this creates the picture of someone who would generally be described as libertarian.


    To round out the picture you appear to be, political preference aside, an idealist with few strong opinions.

  10. Guys, these are all very good goals - but all except Kanu's (and the Carlos free kick) are balls fed to a striker who is operating in the vicinity of the goal - with that striker attacking the goal. Carlos was basically playing a fast moving ball that was within a balls diameter of the goal line, 29 meters to the side of the goal, and he was not even moving in the direction of the goal.


    Carlos' free kick was outstanding - but that is a shot that he had practiced many times, and he had all the time in the world to prepare himself precisely for that kick.


    Kanu's goal would have been comparable - if he had been facing the goal line, moving at max speed toward the goal line, and if the ball would have been within 20 cm of the goal line, and moving fast toward that goal line. Instead, he was facing the goal, pretty much stationary, about two meters inboard from the goal line, and kicking a pretty much stationary ball.


    All the goals nominated are VERY worthy goals - but all seem possible. Carlos's goal seems all but impossible.


    Anyway - Cheers! I shall say no more - but shall wait to see what other gems might appear.

  11. Well, just for the hell of it, I decided to come up with a post for the "Sports & Leisure" section - because I've never posted here before.


    And - there is no better way to stir up trouble than to post a "superlative" claim in a controversial category - such as proposing an answer to a question like "What is the best football (soccer) goal ever scored?"


    But - I think I have winner, right out of the gate. Here is the best goal ever scored - hands down:



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