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  1. Here's a fairly sobering series of demographic charts: http://www.washingto...th-in-9-charts/


    In particular, see this one: http://s3.datawrapper.de/IYRUN/


    Nigeria, currently Africa’s most populous country, is poised for one of the world’s most rapid population booms ever. In just 100 years, maybe two or three generations, the population is expected to increase by a mind-boggling factor of eight. The country is already troubled by corruption, poverty and religious conflict. It’s difficult to imagine how a government that can barely serve its population right now will respond when the demand on resources, social services, schools and roads increases by a factor of eight. Still, if they pull it off – the country’s vast oil reserves could certainly help – the rapidly growing workforce could theoretically deliver an African miracle akin to, say, China’s.
  2. New York's only Welsh pub to pay $2,500 after asking for British job applicants


    The owners of New York's only Welsh pub have reluctantly reached a deal with the city's Human Rights Commission after they indicated a preference for British applicants for a bar job.





    Michael and Jennifer Colbert, who run the Longbow Pub and Pantry in Brooklyn, agreed to pay a $2,500 (£1,600) settlement and to undergo anti-discrimination training.


    The advertisement that landed them in trouble with the zealots at the HRC was placed on the website Craigslist.


    "Energetic and enthusiastic men and women with an appreciation of craft beer, good food, whisky and real football (a k a soccer)," it read. "Being British definitely works in your favour."


    Mr Colbert, who is from Wrexham, and his wife, an American, made clear that they were happy to hire a non-British bartender as long as they understood certain key cultural differences.


    As Mrs Colbert wrote to the commission: "It is essential to know that Wales is not where the Princess is from, why Everton v Liverpool is an important match, that 'knocking someone up' is not about being pregnant, a banger has nothing to do with gangs, black pudding is not a dessert and that the Old Firm has nothing to do with attorneys."




  3. Pretty amazing day today for "odd" but interesting news . I posted the bit about the Singapore Airline "flight from hell" a bit earlier.


    How about:






    Warrior Princess: Transgender woman reveals how she served as part of Navy SEAL Team Six for 20 years before retiring and leaving her male self behind.




    A former Navy SEAL has written a book about the 20 years that they spent in the elite squad before living life as a woman.


    Kristen Beck was called Chris while she served in the famous Navy SEAL squad, one team of which gained international recognition for being the ones who killed Osama bin Laden.


    Chris, Beck served for 20 years in SEAL team 6 and retired just months before the May 2011 raid on bin Laden's compound.


    'For years Chris had turned off his sexuality like a light switch and lived as a warrior, consumed with the battle -- living basically asexual,' the book reads











    Hero dog whose snout was ripped off saving its owners is released from hospital and going home to Philippines


    A mongrel dog that lost her snout and upper jaw saving the lives of two young girls in the Philippines is heading home after being patched up at a California hospital.


    Sadly, doctors couldn't reconstruct Kabang's missing snout but they were able to heal the dog's wounds and treat other ailments, before she was released on Monday from the University of California, Davis veterinary hospital.


    Kabang had her snout and upper jaw sheared off in December 2011 when she jumped in front of a motorcycle.

  4. Passengers on a recent Singapore Airlines flight were left surrounded by the chaotic mess after their flight hit the rough patch and suddenly lost altitude.


    A total of 11 passengers and one crew member were injured in the incident on flight SQ308 from Singapore to London.


    Mr Cross said: 'The cabin crew was amazing in the aftermath, as were fellow passengers who helped everyone around them then in a calm and efficient clean-up.'


    He said crew checked for injuries before cleaning up the mess and gave passengers boxes of chocolates as they departed at Heathrow, where they were met by paramedics.






    The look on the seated flight attendants' faces says it all.




    "Some days you are the bug.... some days you are the windshield" (or "windscreen", for you colonials).

  5. Interpol loses German man at Suvarnabhumi


    Suspect makes airport escape

    A German accused of leading a gang of thieves in Australia escaped Interpol officers while waiting for a connecting flight to Germany at Suvarnabhumi airport, authorities confirmed Sunday.


    Immigration police and the Airports of Thailand (AoT) will meet Monday to discuss the investigation into the suspect's escape, which took place on May 15.


    The suspect, whose identity has been withheld, was arrested and charged in Australia, but managed to escape while being taken back to Germany.



  6. You can renew your entry permit extension any time within the last 30 days before it expires. They will typically issue the next extension so that it projects 12 months from your current expiration date - regardless of when you actually renew.


    So - the answer to your question is basically "Yes" - but with a 30-day window PRIOR TO expiration, durimg which you can renew.




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