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  1. I like the way the Thai government thinks it can outwit the free market. India and Vietnam just laughed all the way to the bank, as they displaced Thailand as #1 and #2 rice exporting nations.


    The system only makes sense in terms of graft - funneling Government money to selected cronies (or voiting blocks) to buy up their rice at above market prices.

  2. http://stlouis.cbslo...ake-it-anymore/


    Court: 93-Year-Old Kills Wife Of 70 Years Because ‘He Couldn’t Take It Anymore’


    According to The Kansas City Star, court records state that Harry Irwin – who was married for 70 years to Grace Irwin – told a shift nurse at the hospital that he killed his wife because “she was arguing and screaming at him all night and he couldn’t take it anymore.â€


    When it comes to selecting a "keeper", one valuable trait to look for is to find a lady who "knows when to shut the fuck up."



  3. 'Finally saw a sign specifying a name for what is being built there - Bhiraj Tower - see: http://www.cbre.co.th/en/Bhiraj-Tower-Taps-Demand-for-Grade-A-Offices-in-a-Tightening-Market.asp


    I have always found it odd how major construction projects in Bangkok can screw around for 24-30 months, piddkling around with seemingly minimal progress - and then - once the first struvctures (other than elevator clusters) rise above about two meters above street level - the rest of the building is completed in 12-18 months.




  4. Well, with those fixed costs, and assuming beer purchased at 30 baht per bottle, and selling for 170 baht per bottle (similar ratio for mixed drinks), 30 days per month, 6.5 hours per night, you need to sell 34 beers per hour (every hour) to recover fixed costs, and then another 11 beers per hours to make 10,000 baht per day profit (= 300,000 baht per month). 45 beers per hour. In a decent go-go bar, that rate can certainly be done fairly easily some days, for maybe four or five hours per night. 15 customers at a time, drinking three drinks per hour will do that. So - it pretty much depends on which bar.


    3.6 million baht profit on 22 million baht investment = 16.7% = 6 year payback. But - the investor has to watch that investment like a hawk - basically work the business.

  5. With 940,000 baht per month in fixed costs, and if you figure 30 days per month, aand 170 baht for a beer, then the entire revenue from the first 184 beers you sell every day goes to just paying those fixed costs (and that assume the beers are free to the seller). Assuming 6.5 hours per night (7:30 pm until 2:00 am), that's 28 beers you need to sell per hour, every hour, just to pay fixed costs.


    Wow, what a deal!

  6. 'Very sorry to hear that. For what it is worth - the human liver is just about the only human organ that can regrow itself - at least partially. My company attorney's father (65 year old Thai) was diagnosed with liver cancer early this year - and he was operated on, and they reomoved about half of his liver. My attorney was very distraught, but I told her that it was not "game over" as long as the malignanccy had not spread.


    Sure enough, he recovered well, and this week - went back for an MRI and tests, and he was declared cancer free.


    Good luck!


  7. It appears that Seh Aieh's plan is the same as that used by the Redshirts in 2010 - have your protesters do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get the government forces to shoot a few protesters - so that he can call the the Army out of barracks to "restore order". That can make for prettty nasty preliminaries. I notice that there is already a "blackshirt faction" at work within the protester's ranks, that the protesters have removed the concrete baricaades that separated themselves from the Police lines, and that some protesters are now tearing up paving slabs to use as projectiles. If the protest is going to grow further, it will be as the sun goes down.

  8. "Not allowed to bring drink with them" - given Thailand's climate, that is rather a limiting factor.


    It appears to me that the PT Government is coming across as very heavy-handed and thuggish in how it is dealing with this first real organized political demonstration against its policies. I suppose that - given the choice - it is better to be criticized, than to be tipped out of power. But - this government behavior will not look very good to anyone except die-hard reds.


    My guess is that todays demonstrations are intended to be Step 2 in a three-step plan - with Step 1 having beeen the small Pitak Siam protest a few weeks ago. That was an early "shake out" event. Today's demonstration is a major rehearsal, and a probe of government responsie protocols. And - if Pitak Siam is "lucky" - the government will commit some atrocious move that will serve as a rallying cry for Step 3 to come.


    The real "main event" is somewhere out ahead - December or January.

  9. Well, as of 9:15 am on Saturday, the Police have already deployed tear gas against protesters at Makkewan Bridge. I would say that this suggests that they are already in the process of losing their ability to suppress the voice of the opposition via peaceful (civilized) means. I suspect that today may become a more serious bit of Thai history than we have been expecting - and not in a happy way.

  10. http://www.thelocal.de/society/20121122-46323.html


    The body of 43-year-old Uwe Sattler was found in the River Elbe in July by a fisherman. He was wearing a rucksack full of rocks and had been shot in the head and put into a sack fastened with cable ties before he hit the water.


    Local media was rife with speculation about a Mafia murder - but after extensive investigation, the police now say they are nearly certain that the Sattler killed himself.


    "We are 99.999 percent certain it was suicide," a Hamburg police spokeswoman told The Local.


    "There is no other explanation; no other motive and no other evidence."


    Detectives have worked out that there was enough of an opening in the sack between the cable ties for Sattler to get an arm out and shoot himself so that afterwards the gun would fall to the ground. He would have had to have done this while perched on the edge of a bridge or jetty to ensure falling into the water.


    Why he would make such an effort to do this remains a mystery - as does the whereabouts of the gun, which was never found. "It just goes to show, there is nothing that does not exist," the police spokeswoman said.

  11. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/scot-killed-in-thai-microlight-tragedy-1444703


    "A SCOTS microlight instructor has died after his aircraft plunged into the Gulf of Thailand while

    he and a passenger were scattering the ashes of a friend.


    Award-winning pilot Tom Grieve, 57, was flying above Pattaya Bay on Saturday afternoon when his machine appeared to lose power.


    Tom tried to make an emergency landing but the aircraft clipped a pier poll and crashed into the water.

    Tom, who is believed to be from ­Lanarkshire, died in hospital from chest injuries while his passenger Patrick Esser, from Lyme Regis, Dorset, broke his arm."

  12. If you have all the correct documentation, they will renew a retirement extension the same day - in and out. You then proceed to another counter/section to obtain the multiple re-entry permit - which is also granted the same day. The cost for the annual entry permit extension is 1,900 baht. The cost for the multiple re-entrerty permlt is 3,800 baht.




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