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  1. Nowadays, you are unlikely to encounter open hostility or mockery. But - the Thai woman will almost instinctively sense that she is being viewed by the Thai public at large as almost certainly being a pay-for-play tart. This stigma is pretty much reflexive and automatic.


    But - virtually any Thai woman who chooses to meet up with you and go out with you will have already resigned herself to being stigmatized as a sex worker - and will probably not dwell on the situation - but will instead try to make the best of things.


    The better that you dress, and the more politely and conservatively that you behave in public, the less the surrounding Thais will look down on your companion.



  2. This one isn't funny or light-hearted:


    The language is Farsi - so this was primarily targeted at Iranians. But - note that the subtitles are in both English and Thai - so this particular version was also prepared with Thailand in mind. Gee, I wonder why that might be ....????


    I wonder what sort of impression this sketch made on the young student actors who performed in it? Maybe they are already all interred in a REAL reeducation camp somewhere.


    For a very simple production, with minimal props or affects, this is actually very well done.




  3. What about the Red Shirts pouring blood all over the gates to Abhisit's home on Sukhumvit Soi 31? Or how apoplectic they all got after a platform collapsed at Ratchaprasog, resulting their main Buddha statue there being cracked in two.


    This place is effectively run by a cargo cult mentality - awaiting the return of John Frum (TS).

  4. Berlin- Mandatory Brothel Employment


    A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing "sexual services'' at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.


    Prostitution was legalised in Germany just over two years ago and brothel owners – who must pay tax and employee health insurance – were granted access to official databases of jobseekers.


    The waitress, an unemployed information technology professional, had said that she was willing to work in a bar at night and had worked in a cafe.


    She received a letter from the job centre telling her that an employer was interested in her "profile'' and that she should ring them. Only on doing so did the woman, who has not been identified for legal reasons, realise that she was calling a brothel.


    Under Germany's welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take an available job – including in the sex industry – or lose her unemployment benefit.

  5. "Gompie is a project of Peter Koelewijn and Rob Peters. Peters, while visiting a bar called Gompie in Nijmegen, heard "Living Next Door to Alice" by Smokie. After the name Alice in the song, the disc jockey Onno Pelser turned down the volume and the crowd sang 'Alice, who the fuck is Alice?'. Peters realised it could become a hit record, contacted Koelewijn and a day later the song was recorded and released under the name Gompie."



  6. It seemed fitting to reference a classic sketch about embellishing "the good old days":




    But, I'll also add in a few other odds and ends:


    A Car Factory Like No Other



    The Song That Played at Closing Time in Most Soi Cowboy Go-Go Bars When I First Visited in 1997



    One Of My Favorite Songs




    How Might This Baseball Player Perform As a Cricket Batsman?



    Hard To Believe - Filmed in One Long Take


    I guess that's enough for now.




  7. I see lots of people saying that the guy got beaten over a bunch of balloons. No - for the balloons, he got asked to not take them further because it was against the rules. What he got beaten for was defying the instructions of the guards, including trying to intimidate them via aggressive behavior.


    He was asked to follow BTS rules - and he effectively declined, and "announced" that he was putting "jungle rules" into effect - with him as the biggest, toughest animal in the jungle - so the guards could all go fuck off.


    Well, if you insist on putting jungle rules into effect, don't start whining when some other animals in the jungle start biting back.


    To me, this was the exact same scenario as telling a flight attendant to "fuck off, I AM going to smoke a cigarette on the plane now". Uniformed, trained safety staff are expected and required to enforce the rules - and they are generally allowed to use their judgement in nebulous cases.


    The big farang wasn't badly damaged. I feel bad for the security guard that got fired. He was hired and told to enforce the rules - and when he stands up to an aggressive rule breaker, he gets shit-canned. That will send the message to the rest of the BTS staff - if you want to keep your job, look the other way when aggressive farangs violate the rules.


    I have always been impressed with the high standards maintained by both the BTS and MRT. I get the distinct impression that both organizations are run by former military leaders. I am in no hurry to see BTS standards replaced by random farang standards.


    My two satang.




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  8. To give credit where credit is due - I have to say that Messi stands out in a world full of wankers who take a "dive" every time that a shadow crosses their path:




    Give the particulars of his background growing up, his story is a compelling one. His career still has years to go - so, heyet has a chance to shine even brighter.


    Whether he is a better player than some of the others mentioned can certainly be argued. But - he is probably the better man than any of them. He has earned my respect as an individual - more than most of them.




  9. Has anyone had any close dealings with anyone who is involved with this group? http://www.foreignpolicy.com/articles/2011/01/20/close_encounters_of_the_buddhist_kind?page=0,0


    "Despite an official stance against political involvement, the temple was widely reported to be an influential backer of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, a billionaire businessman whose 2006 ouster set off a series of protests that last year left dozens dead, the economy shattered, and the country bitterly divided."


    The daylong ceremonies are carefully planned for maximum emotional effect. Feeding the spiritual hunger of Thais has become a four-decade-long quest for Dhammakaya. Feeding the human hunger is a daily challenge: The kitchen facilities sprawl across a football field, capable of preparing a ton of rice at a time and five meals a day for up to 500,000 people.


    That is a lot of food.


    They appear to be quite formidable - and yet they seem to maintain a low profile here within Thailand.


    Shades of the Nuremburg rallies of 80 years ago?????

  10. You can bet that the US will pressure the Thai government that this is not going to happen. Like in other cases (Victor Bout etc.) with international exposure the juridical system in Thailand will do what is expected. This in opposite to domestic cases, where everything is possible



    No - in the Victor Bout case, the US had charges open against him, and he just happened to get picked up in Thailand - because he was here, and let his guard down.


    In this case the "Four Lions" have no connection to the USA - so the US has no direct claim to any aspect of the outcome.


    The "legless wonder" is screwed. The other two - not so much. They can (will) claim ignorance - and blame everything on the mad bomber. Much can be inferred - but - from the standpoint of irrefutable evidence:


    1. The healthy two were in Thailand

    2. They frequented a house rented by a woman they knew

    3. They partied with girls in Pattaya.

    4. They befriended another Iranian who arrived into Thailand on February 8th.

    5. New arrival was evidently a "bad guy" - who knew?

    6. Their temporary residence went "boom" - and they departed in fear, abandoning the new arrival.

    7. They walked away, unarmed, and attempted to fly away - effectively self-deporting themselves from Thailand.

    8. They didn't even skip out on a lease deposit - because they weren't the ones who rented the house.

    9. They are embarrassed and very remorseful about what happened - and they wish they had exercised better care in choosing friends.

    10.. They wouldn't harm a fly, and bear no ill will toward anyone.

    11. They want to go home now.


    Anyone want to bet against that outcome (more or less)?


    Reality: Expendable agents recruited by Quds force.



  11. The Thai Police investigators are trying to determine whether the three men knew one another? The three Iranians who traveled halfway around the world to converge in a house on a sub-soi of a nondescript road, where there just happened to be bomb factory?


    I wish the investigators well in their crack detective work.


    The Iranians will probably end up charged with littering.

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