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  1. I went to Immigration at Jomtien today, May 10, 2012, unable to get totally clear on what I needed before I went. I have never seen the place so packed. I got to the help desk around 11.40AM and the man in charge couldn't get a handle on what I needed. He tried to direct me to 90 Day check up, which I didn't need as I'd only been here 5 wks. He didn't want to look in detail and he didn't have time and he wasn't especially nice about it. (BUT I want to say that I couldn't do his job for three days. The stress of would kill me! I'm not complaining about him.) I went in thinking I would get some
  2. I see lots of images of bootable CD's on line, but they seem to fill a CD completely. I need to copy the DOS folder from Partition Magic directory onto a bootable CD. (I need to run PM8 DOS version. I made a DOS 6.22 CD that boots fine, but I couldn't copy to it because it was full. Or at least I think that was the reason.) Help! I'm stuck. I think I'm looking for any bootable CD image that has 5 mb free space. I boot it, run DOS, open the folder I've copied to the CD, and run the exe file for PM8. And, to answer an obvious question, I don't want to run PM with any Windows OS.
  3. Perhaps boring to some, but I like the challenge: Here's a workaround that works. Use Acronis True Image 09 to make an image of the Win7 Ultimate that came with my new computer. Take new 160 gb hd and set up xp from a recovery disk that came with a used computer. It's one of those "you have 30 days to activate." I only need it for a few hours. When xp is running, install Partition Magic 8 and Acronis True Image 2009. Partition the drive any old way you want. Use Acronis to restore the drive c: with the Win7 image. Did it on a small drive as a test today and it worked pe
  4. I just bought a Lenovo T61 on craigslist: Intel Centrino Core 2 DUO 2.2 GHz, 2gb mem, Win7 Ultimate, Office 2010, etc. $250. Only drawback of this one is 100 gb hd, but it is sata 7200 rpm. If you buy something like this on ebay you don't even get an OS. I like shopping craigslist. And I like diddling around with thinkpads. About 15 yrs now. I bought a new samsung netbook and it works great.
  5. Okay... I can get back to square one. Eliminate all partitions except c: Then I can make one more partition with Win 7. That's not what I want. I want at least 3 partitions. I can make that second partition but then I don't see any program that will split up that second partition as would PM8. I see that PM does not make a Win7 application which I think is probably because of this new set of rules for disk management which doesn't allow them to do what they want to do. Any help / suggestions still very much appreciated. Thanks...GG Tha
  6. I just bought a couple of used Lenovo / IBM Thinkpads running Win7 Ultimate. I have always used Norton Partition Magic 8 for XP and it has worked beautifully. I often take space from one partition and give it to another, or combine partitions etc...never a problem. When I got my Win7 machine it had only Drive C. I wanted to break that up into 3 partitions. Looking online I saw info that PM8 would not work with Win7. Thinking that Win7 disk management was much more advanced than XP I tried to use it just like PM. I hit a wall. I made a second partition and that was fine. But it woul
  7. I looked at the link and I see that the "Upgrade Advisor" is a MS program that is downloaded, installed and run on my PC. No thanks to that. Who knows what all MS would send along. I'll just monitor the functioning of the system. So far so good for what I do. Maybe other systems work a lot faster, I don't know, but this is at least as fast as XP, and I was perfectly happy with XP. I'm going to look on the web now, but after a week of use I don't see much difference between XP and Win7 in the running the programs I use. Thank you...GG
  8. Just bought a computer on Craigslist - very good price. Sticker on the front says "Designed for XP. Windows Vista compatible." Lenovo Thinkpad T43 about 5? yrs old. Intel Pentium M processor 1.86 1.87 Ghz (why do they list two speed values?) 32 bit operating system 2.00gb memory Windows 7 Ultimate, 2009, Service Pack 1 (Are there SP upgrades I should install?) HD size 60gb ------- This is my first experience with 7. It seems to run okay to me. I don't play games. I stream online videos like youtube and do other standard stuff like itunes. The seller told me it was
  9. Thank you...so...I tried all that. Disabled all PCI slots. Tried to start, got msg all PCI slots are disabled and the 1802 msg to remove miniPCI card. Put in system CD - would not start. Went back to 1802 msg. ?? This is a hardware problem, isn't it ?? Something shorted out or broken? There's been no unusual bumping of the laptop. GG
  10. Just picked up a Win 7 Ultimate 2009 SP1 computer. The hard drive is hogged up by 4 Windows folders. Can I delete some? I need space. Has Windows folder. Windows.old folder. Windows.old.000 folder. Windows.old.001 folder. I'm guessing these were made during upgrade from XP? Can I trash some of these? Thanks, GG
  11. I'm getting an error msg 1802 out of Thinkpad T41 saying "1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in - Power off and remove the miniPCI network card." There is nothing in the two slots at all. It's an old computer but working perfectly except for this. I installed printer software the other day, but things were fine for a day or two. Now the f..ker won't boot. Have another HD which I put in, same thing. This particular msg is an IBM/Lenovo thing, but looking online, seems that there is always an unauthorized card in the slot when the msg comes up. In this case the slots are empty and I'
  12. Very interesting to meet another KBS World lover! One of the best TV Stations on the planet. Huge budget for travel, nature and dramas. Unfortunately it disappeared from Sophon for good on 2 December. I don't have fast internet in my room so I won't watch it online. I heard that subscriptions to True can paused and then started again. Do you or anyone know about that? I go back to US soon and unless they make a change, I get it on my cable there. Thanks for responses.. GG
  13. Well that's a happy interpretation. You're one of those the-glass-is-half-full types. I'll go with that. I'm glad someone else has hit this issue. It sucks! Thanks, GG
  14. Girl came to my hotel at noon two days ago and sent me SMS from lobby. "Forgot ID card..I'll be back soon." The message arrived 20:00 !! WTF? I've had this experience a few times lately. It's worse than not having text messaging. You push "Send" and you have the impression it is instant and you have communicated. We're both using AIS (1-2-Call). How can there be a delay like that?? Has anyone else had similar problems? GG
  15. OK..Thanks for the response. "did it ever work or did u just get it now? else a simple restart of the modem might make it connect!" I've been using the ZTE Modem with DTAC, right now too. But I wanted to try AIS to see if I could get a faster more reliable connection. This was after a girl whipped out her Nokia internet phone with AIS SIM and went online easily, when I couldn't get websites to come up with my aircard with DTAC SIM. Anyway, I didn't buy the SIM with the Aircard. In fact when I bought it I took my Aircard and the Thai guy said, "Maybe not support. Not sure." Meaning
  16. Girl came over with Nokia phone that works internet thru AIS. She started using it when my Aircard via DTAC just wouldn't open websites like fcukbook so we could look at her dog. She pulls out Nokia and no problem, we look at her dog. I later went to TukCom and asked about a used phone for internet and was shown the same Nokia for 1,500 baht. Maybe it's time to forget aircard and all it's slow-ass problems. If nothing else I need reliable email. Recommendations for other used phones? Thanks, Gaw Guy
  17. I'm wondering if there is a different code I can use in the setup configuration for ZTE. They have *99# Is there another one for AIS now? This is the same one they have for DTAC and my DTAC SIM connects okay, but slow. Thanks, Gaw Guy
  18. I just tried Milan vs Barcelona on youtube, just to test. I got a minute of video in about 5-6 minutes watching the little scruggle go round and round. This isn't "slowly" .. more like "deadly." The girl with the aircard said her girlfriend comes over to watch movies and youtube. Maybe movies actually means short videos, but still...well...not possible to sit thru that. That's why I said "WTF is going on!?" Is she in some little pocket of 3G reception in Pattaya? It's too strange. I'm going to ask at TukCom
  19. After your response I txt'd to ask her exactly what she has and she txt'd back: Air card AIS sim and inside AIS 1-2-Call. Which brings me back to my original question: How can she be playing videos?? GG
  20. Very interesting! I know nothing about TM SIM. She didn't mention anything expensive..aircard was 1200 baht. A TM SIM must be expensive, yes? Sounds like something that would require registration and would have to be bought directly from TM? You can't just buy one at TukCom can you? Could you fill in a few more details please. I might want this. Thanks, GG
  21. I'm bringing up the Aircard modem topic again after many months of using a ZTE 3G model with an AIS SIM. Yesterday I heard an astounding claim from a Thai lady I've known for a few years but don't see very often. She said she has a computer in her room and she has an aircard named "AIS 3G" AND she can watch movies and her friend came over and was looking at youtube videos with no problems!! I think she lives around Central Pattaya Road up around Carrefore. She's not the type to lie or exaggerate for no reason, so how can that be? She says there is no wire running into her comp
  22. In Pattaya at the condo I rent twice a year, the cable provider is Sophon. It's not very good, but it has a few really excellent channels, like the Korean channel, KBS World. I watch it more than any other: documentaries, nature programs, cultural specials and yes, a drama or two. Yesterday an omninous msg started to scroll the bottom of the screen and they referred to website for more info which is: Partner in Thailand Changes Starting from December 1st, KBS World’s partner in Thailand changes from cable station under TCTA to True Visions. Therefore, there will be some changes in t
  23. I see small water tanker trucks pumping water into hotels around Pattaya. This was before the current water shortage problem. I stayed at one place and one time the tap water was brown for awhile. What's going on here? Why do some places have water delivered by truck? Where does the water come from? Given the dirtiness of the water that time, my suspicion is that it comes from a river, lake, reservoir in the area. It certainly is not processed tap water. Are those places even hooked to the city water system? Gaw Guy
  24. TH thank you very much for the unbelievably detailed response. This is why I love NanaPlaza / T360 / T2 or whatever the heck it is these days. I used to do tax work for clients in the USA and with familiarity, codes and regulations that were once completely opaque, became obvious / simple to me, while still being opaque to clients. I've taken in what you written and I think I can solve my problem by forking over 3,800 baht in Jomtien. I'll have to go through the process once and walk out of there with things just as you say to actually "get it." Thanks again, Gaw Guy
  25. So...I live in TLand 6mo / yr for the last ten yrs. That's still not full time so I'm not sure of where this leaves me. In TLand do policies vary from Imm Office to Office? Do you think Pattaya office would raise that question, or were you talking about something that happened at Pattaya? Thanks, GG
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