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  1. I wonder what would have happened if they had thrown out the election and declared Trump the winner and enough for the presidency? And with a Republican supreme court. My 'what if' is if the election was stolen in open day light, with a 'so what, fuck you' to the American people. Civil war? And in what manner?
  2. Impeach Biden https://edition.cnn.com/2021/07/02/economy/june-jobs-report/index.html he US economy added 850,000 jobs in June, when adjusted for seasonal changes. It was far more than economists had expected and a signal that American job growth is accelerating. It was the biggest monthly jobs gain since August 2020, when the economy added 1.6 million jobs.
  3. Hey Coss, Can the President of the US arbitrarily control global oil prices? Even if he allows high production in America? Just asking for a friend. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/07/05/oil-explainer-energy-prices-rise-after-opec-fails-to-reach-deal.html Energy prices are hovering above the $75 level after OPEC and its allies could not reach a key deal on their oil output policy last week, amid rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Without a deal, oil prices could surge and threaten to derail a frail economic recover https://indianexpress.com/art
  4. Also, Coss, as I've always said the bad thing about these supremacists is they are cowards. Because they are cowards they go after soft targets. Its why you see a lot of videos of attacks on isolated women, children, older people and if its someone 18 to 30, the person is isolated. Dylan Roof said he chose the church (filled with the elderly) because he didn't think he would get out alive if he went to a place where young black adults congregated. Notice how these groups NEVER go to these areas uninvited and/or without police escort. A white Texas gun rights group wanted to march t
  5. My hometown. Philadelphia is probably the city most associated with symbolism for the founding of the country. It's also a city that has some of the grittiest people (yours truly excepted). They came in the middle of the night very quietly, with zero fanfare no advance notice for a reason. From what I know about Philly, a city where I can't even visit my old area, they got off very, very lucky. And they know it.
  6. The Republican masses are gone. Done. They'll be for an all out Civil War. The establishment of the party know this and are probably as scared of the masses as anyone. They are trying to walk a tight line between being in the favor of the masses and decency. It's not an easy line to walk. There are a few who are happily going along with the madness because they are in it purely for the power and visibility (Gaetz for example) and these folks are completely corrupt morally. The party is rotten in the core. Very rotten. So are the Democrats but in a more traditional type of rotten. The Rep
  7. The event itself isn't the worst of it Coss, its the actions of the Republican party. Instead of being embarrassed people representing their party would do such a thing, they are against any investigation of it. Why? Because they and their supporters saw nothing wrong with it. I've heard Republicans I know minimize the event. And yes, unfortunately I know a few.
  8. With respect to history and lower species, mankind has progressed. And societies deem themselves enlightened. Does a truly enlightened society enslave others? Modern enlightened societies are inclusive are they not? They battle the base instincts we haven't been able to remove genetically. Domination (unless she's dressed in a German military officer's uniform and orders you to call her Frau Mistress), random and arbitrary violence, removal of justice, fairness in all institutions but most importantly in the legal system.
  9. ...luckily for me I have British sounding surname. Must have been why I was a wee bit luckier to at least get the interview.
  10. Another thing Coss, there are stats and damn lies as the saying goes...sorta. Hmm...slavery in the areas now deemed USA started at least in 1619. America as we know were British until 1776 but in reality until the war ended in the early 1780s. The importation of slaves ended in 1809 (by the British) to the Americas. So, America imported the lions share of its slaves as a British colony. And if we use 1776 as a start, then the USA proper imported slaves for...hmmm...carry 24...plus the 9...carry the 1, okay, 33 years. So, in that chart, does America get credited for slaves since 1776 or 1619?
  11. Hey Coss, Can you tell me any institutionalized slavery industry in Africa before the Arabs and Europeans were there? Yes, slavery happened on every continent. But I'm talking about it as an industry. I'm at a loss with respect to Africa specifically, where slavery prior to the Arabs and Europeans was reduced to POWs who eventually became part of the tribe, intermarrying, etc, and many returning years later. Because as you know there were no walls or barriers separating these tribes. Also, as I understand it the enslaving powers gathered slaves one of two waves. Directly or extorting/paying o
  12. ...related to my other post, I'd also like to see the G8 or even better the G20, get involved in the environment as well. The Sahara desert was once mostly grasslands. There is a present plan to plant a million trees in sub Sahara to stop the expansion of the desert. I applaud that. I'd love to see a financial incentive to save the animals of Africa that are used for Chinese meds or western exotic markets, etc. If the lasts Rhino is gone its not good for all of us. So, how about an incentive like the more Rhinos such and such countries have, the more money. Pay these game wardens a good
  13. The Paris Agreement was something similar to what I wanted to see the big nations do. My preference would have been to have the G8 unite to change all their economies to green in come industries. Cars for a start. All government cars over a certain time, be hybrids or whatever kind of vehicle that we can get a consensus on. Also, there are some government functions all governments do well. I read a study years ago about the big inefficient ones. Conservatives like to say that the government doesn't know how to run businesses and that's not true. What you will find is corruption, graft, e
  14. Here is the thing about that inefficient rail. Money changes hands it isn't lost. Those workers, reinvested their salary into the local economy. They bought or rented homes. They shopped at the local grocer, all manner of businesses. The economy actually distributed their salaries back into the country. Private businesses sometimes takes that revenue overseas. Not saying the private business who bought the rail did but if they are a multi-national company some of that money may have been redistributed overseas.
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