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  1. Looks like Thailand won't open for a while, huh? Any guestimate on when?
  2. Not surprised at all. If you recall, there is a 2006 report tying law enforcement all over the country to these groups.
  3. With that in mind, I'll say a rant. All manner of groups have a beef. From far left to far right. Some of the members have resorted to violence. Antifa has fought fascist groups. 2nd amendment groups have done some violence. Incels have done mass shootings. The far right militia have invaded both the Michigan state house and Capital Building. All these groups didn't have a life or death issue. You are still alive and life is not taken along with losing your right to owning a gun, or living in a "libtard" America as our friend says, or if you are gay and can't marry another man, etc. None of th
  4. If only the above meme was true. lol
  5. Republicans demand action against Auntie Maxine....okay? So the f*ck what? LOL. 'Ooohh...that's scary'. Hey Coss, Republicans being fair minded as they say they are, they had the same outrage when the fringe right went to the Michigan state house, didn't they? I can't find any links. The "deep state" must have scrubbed the net of that, yeah, that must be it. LOL... As far as the court case, and what happens if the judge and the city throw the trial, I don't care what they do. That city gotta live with whatever they do. American history has shown there is a breaking point. Maybe this
  6. "How ya dern?" I recall hearing that when I was in Alabama. https://www.facebook.com/tariqnasheed/videos/788749505379717
  7. I would but pc has a 'libtard' max filter.
  8. Hey Coss, Another thing I can't logically get my head around. QAnon said there are far left child trafficking pedo rings, right? But Trump has wished Epstein's girl pimp luck and Trump cuck Gaetz who Trump supported has been banging more 17 year old girls than the captain of my HS football team. I'm confused. How can QAnon explain this? Is Gaetz banging underage girls a false flag...flag being the optimum word.
  9. Actually its an easy call. All things being equal, the next determinant is ethnicity/gender, etc.
  10. 20 years late to it but at least its getting what seems to be its proper attention. I hope its in earnest. https://www.yahoo.com/news/13-investigations-no-court-martials-120018004.html
  11. One of the few things, or rather rare things I fully backed Trump on was his wanting to pull American troops out of war zones globally. He was stymied by BOTH parties because they have a vested interest in keeping the war going. History has told us it wears a nation out. The Romans did it and it was one of a few major reasons their empire fell. Biden is committed to a hard date. September 11th. Apropos. People are saying "We can't or the Taliban will take over". My answer is "So the fuck what?" They were there before we went in and were it not for them housing bin Laden we would have let
  12. Jesus loves him https://www.yahoo.com/news/liberty-sues-jerry-falwell-jr-162325226.html
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