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  1. If I were a betting man, I'd put all the money I have (555555) on the last 2 bets that DS offered up. Ticket already purchased. jing jing Last drinks will have to be somewhere where they're free. Don't think there is such a place so I may be going back sober. bummer.
  2. Yes........a looooooong visa run back to the motherland. Cav, I'd love to go but, but, but......well. We'll see. Hopefully things will work out that I can. I still have a couple more Fridays.
  3. Yes, I read it before but had forgotten all parties involved. Again, my apologies. I've just found out, I will NOT be here in Sept. I'm on a reverse countdown, kind of. I will be leaving FROM Thailand in 24 days.
  4. Ah yes......let me remove my foot from my mouth. My apologies. But as a matter of fact, I'm here right now so there may be all 3 of us here in Sept. I've met HH on an occasion or two and maybe he can keep up this time then.
  5. Which one?? The one that says, "I'm with stupid" and has a finger pointing?? Who would wear it?? Just kidding, boys. All in fun.
  6. Not all the girls there will give BJ's in the bar. I'm guessing it's they're choice and they're not "encouraged" one way or the other.
  7. It seem seems as if the end is near for Eldrick's first marriage. This is being reported on any number of websites. Most expensive whores in the history of mankind
  8. We've got to look at a title of a thread for a whole year that has a mis-spelling???
  9. Any bar that has alcohol is a good bar. Which are all of them, btw. What the hell kind of loaded question is that anyway??
  10. I'll admit it.....I have no clue what that means. I googled Baldrick and still don't get it.
  11. AT&T has just dropped Eldrick on New Year's Eve. I don't feel like posting a link, just believe me. Happy New Year, Eldrick.
  12. I'm a bit older than 20's but thanks for the drinks. I owe ya.......
  13. When it rains, it pours. This may be grasping and it seems to not have been reported for a long time but I've suspected this and think even wrote it somewhere (I'll search) but if this turns out to be something, this poor bastard may end up as a Pattaya jumper. Report: Doctor being investigated in PED probe NEW YORK (AP)â€â€A Canadian doctor who has treated golfer Eldrick Woods, swimmer Dara Torres and NFL players is suspected of providing athletes with performance-enhancing drugs, according to a newspaper report. The New York Times reported on its Web site Monday night that Dr
  14. Eldrick loses one sponsor. More to follow??? Accenture marks 1st sponsor to cut ties with Woods For six years, global consulting firm Accenture PLC featured Eldrick Woods in ads designed to highlight the company's claimed attributes of integrity and high performance. That relationship is over now. Accenture ended its association with Woods on Sunday, marking the first major sponsor to cut ties altogether with the golfer since his alleged infidelities surfaced and he announced an indefinite leave from the sport to work on his marriage. In its first statement since the Woods' s
  15. Maybe the country of where the major part of his genes are from, Thailand. Also, he'll fit it here as Thai men are almost expected to be unfaithful and everybody uses nicknames. From now on, I'll be using his given name. Eldrick. hahahahahahaahahaha.
  16. Seems tigger has put his tail between his legs and quit. Link Well, temporarily anyways. I'm sure his wallet will take a hit soon with some endorsement companies leaving. He probably won't be going hungry but his annual income will probably not be what it was for awhile.
  17. The 80mil/7 years you talk about are numbers that have supposedly been or are supposedly new renegotiated numbers. The original pre-nup, from what is being circulated, shows at 10 years, she would get 20 million. Now it's 80 mil for 7 years with an immediate 5 million dollar pay-out.
  18. I'm sure it'll be brushed aside. Something like he had just come back from overseas, he was exhausted and fell asleep seconds after he left his driveway. Something completely believable, such as that.
  19. My self-made porn movies. Watched the whole series through number 69 in slow motion and it took 10 minutes for the lot.
  20. Very good......glad I wasn't taking a drink of anything as it would have come out my nose. Good humour.
  21. I'm probably overpaying at 40 baht cuz I could get a shave with the straight razor included but my gf probably paid him extra to "accidently" cut me. Best part is location. 8 condos on my level, me at one end and him at the other end of the hall. About 20 paces and I'm there.
  22. In 1972, it might have been a good movie. Like I said, slow to develop makes it hard to watch. 4 guys wanna go camping/canoeing (which is gay and one actually does end up getting reamed) and end up in a battle with some backwards locals. Then they can't decide whether or not to bury the first guy or go to the police. Looks like a bunch of undecided women. Anyway, didn't like it. To each their own.
  23. Deliverance on HBO. I had never seen it before and heard it was good. This movie sucks. It's slow, hard to watch as far as anything interesting and boring. I'd suggest it only as a torture device.
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