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  1. Forensic examination of his PhD diploma might provide clues.
  2. Sounds reasonable. Glad hearing from you.
  3. Plan returning next year.... but after reading this....
  4. I was active.......... and I would like to see the forum stay.
  5. Glad to see somebody is AROUND.
  6. Have you ever thought of investing in various types of gems?
  7. I caught a demon once and put him in a pickle jar. The little guy is a conversation stopper when somebody comes to visit.
  8. So who did hack the US electric grid? ................. Julian Assange?
  9. Might make sense eating shit being that some drink their own piss. Not my cup of tea and I like eating bread with my shit.
  10. I thought the one who "hacked" the DNC and Hillary's campaign was Seth Rich.
  11. Not responsible...... that is why I put a bottled of fermented fish sauce on top of my items in each suitcase.
  12. If the airline can wait for me to take a couple of dumps before I get on the scale........
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