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Found 6 results

  1. Well it's that time of year again - a chance to review 2015 with a calm eye and try to see what 2016 has in store for us all, and particularly Thailand. Do we carry 2015 upstairs and smooth her brow and kiss her nighty night? Or do we duct tape her to a deck chair and kick her back down the stairs? Well I'll leave that up to you. Let's make a master reel of 2015 before we abandon it. I need your help because I've been hermetically sealed, no television - well Thai TV doesn't count, very limited forays on the internet, but I'll still climb on the news horse occasionally if only to watch it
  2. If you want to become truly expert at something, give it about 10 years. Well I've reached that milestone with Thai, and looking back, there are some lessons learnt, so listen up grasshoppers, and even you Thai gurus might learn something as well, so listen up yo'. 1. If your Teerak is speaking in a lingo you can't understand, it's either colloquial, a dialect or a different language (or you're tone deaf LOL). Given your 10 year deadline, just go ahead and learn that as well. I started trying to learn one language, but I ended up learning most South East Asian languages as well. So
  3. So there I was pumping her hard, and my cock is like two coke cans stacked on each other. But I can't seem to get any leverage – so as I put it to her puckered arsehole and finally I'm getting some action, but as it cruelly turns out since we've both been on the peeve for three days, grabbing the occasional som tam or tom yum koong or even rad na, it's like her arse is full of grinding chip shop vinegar spiced with prik naam. In pain my fist flails out and with those sovvies on it – it kind of caught and shattered the glass fire alarm panel, but I didn't notice because I was trying to blow
  4. It's that time of year again, will we put 2016 to bed with some nighty time soft blankets and soothe her brow? Then will we snuggle under the blankets with her and whisper sweet nothings? Or do we cast her out on the street for the lying whore she is? I'll leave that up to you... Thai TV was generally quite disappointingly bad this year. There were some prolonged blackouts, followed by black and white broadcasts. The virus even appeared to affect most Thai websites. I suspect Russian cyber hackers, because the NEWS told me so. Whilst we are on the subject, there is a monkey in a
  5. And she thinks she knows the answer. But I'm feeling so low. I've motorbiked into back country to think things through. She doesn't know the answer, but she can see that I probably have it. But I don't know, by christ the things I don't know.. She knows, ha, she knows that I know. But what if she doesn't know that I know?
  6. Well if you tuned in to Thai TV this week it was a ceaseless crying jag. Quite literally. Some young defenseless female children are bullied , yes bullied, then made to cry in almost every scene whilst (mostly) unsympathetic crones, too many crones, and very sympathetic and mysteriously handsome guys (whom are evidently gay), remonstrate, with what is clearly meant to be a kind of - well a gentle get in line you little git, and don't forget it! Or else you'll have to suffer our stilted overblown acting and end up like us! Not sure about you, but I'm a sucker for a crying jag. I'm the
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