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OK, I admit it, I'm a geek.

Well, not a hardcore geek or I'd be programing, pulling in 100K a year.

But I still love tech. I love the hardware, I love the software, and I love new toys.

I'm also a gamer (when my wife allows it).

Has anyone tried out the new GeForce3 video cards?

They are supposed to kick ass exponentially over prior cards, although few games take full advantage of their full capabilities.

Also what are some of the boardmembers favorite games?

I'm an adventure (RPG) and first person shooter fanatic. My all time favorites are "Thief" and "Deus Ex."

If you like shooters and haven't played Deus Ex, get it. The story is very good. Lots of different areas to explore. Good developement of NPCs.

A great game, is one that I find I am truly sad when it finishes. Deus Ex is one of those games.

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The GeForce3 cards are great, but there aren't a ton of games that can take advantage of that much horsepower. Depending on your base system, my advice would be to buy either a ATI Radeon or GeForce2, then invest the rest in either a memory or processor upgrade. Those will help in almost all situations, not just graphics-intensive ones.

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I'd say your system is fine and should handle most anything.

The only point that I would make is that 128mb can be pretty tight. I'd get 184 or 256mb.

The only place where I could see your system bogging down is if you are playing games at their highest resolution and then you would run into the video bottleneck.

Your computer should be able to handle MW4 pretty nicely.

I'd by the extra stick of memory, and put any leftover memory in a piggy bank so when your CPU becomes really outdated you can buy a new motherboard/CPU/memory combination.

On another note, I will be building my computer this week via Panthip. Any store recommendations? I already received a positive rec for IRR (I think, I wrote it down, just down have my notes with me). Anyone else have any good stores to recommend? Please email me directly on stores I should avoid too!



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