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radio block out


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TDuke -- This one probably belongs in the Technology folder, but I think I can help.

I'm also seeing that all the Thai-language and Thailand listings are gone from MediaPlayer's Radio Tuner. This must be some problem with the database on Microsft's end.

However, there's a webpage I built a while ago which lists all the Thai webcasts I could find.


Just click on the ASX, RAM, PLS etc. links and your mediaplayer/realplayer/winamp should start automatically and "tune" to that station.

It's a little out of date, probably a few dead links as I haven't updated it in a long time, and I wouldn't recommend installing the presets at this time.

But using that page, I was able to connect to most of the media streams you were interested in as of 2:PM Thailand time today.

Sorry in advance for the pop-up ad from Tripod...

And, by the way, you said "101"? Do you mean MCOT at 100.5 or Chula Radio at 101.5 or another station I don't know about yet?

TIA, let me know what you think of the pages and, as always, Happy Listening!


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