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Who Will Be the Next U.S. President?


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Okay politicoâ??s and pundits, hereâ??s your chance to make some baht based upon your expertise and all-knowing wisdom about everything having to do with the U.S. race to the White House. Iâ??m sponsoring a contest that will split 3000 baht between the first (1500), second (1000), and third place (500) winners


This is all you need to do: email hughhoy@hotmail.com your guess as to who will win the election and how many electoral votes that candidate will receive. Just something like: â??Obamaâ?¦300â? or â??McCainâ?¦289â?Â. Canâ??t be more simple. . Winners will be those who select the winner and get the closest to the actual number.


Make sure that your board name is also included with your guess.


Contest will close on Oct. 10 at 0001 hours, BKK time.




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how many US guys understand it? certainly not the normal citizens and also not the candidates! maybe some experts and they have all a different opinion, how to interprete!

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