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500 Bucks in Prizes !


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Time for another contest. Not just another contest, but a contest with prizes worth a total of $500 US ! This is in recognition of Hugh's fifth year on this board using his "real" name (after being banned using his old "real" name). :closemouth:


Anyway, this time, the contest will favo(u)r those who are literate; sorry for some of you.

This contest is a crossword puzzle. It is made up of English and Thai words. The Thai words are few and are ones that anybody who has visited the LOS more than once and/or is a regular reader here should know these Thai words. Many of the words relate to sex, Thai nightlife, and/or board member's names/characteristics/relationships. So, those who are depraved, spiritually challenged, confirmed reprobates and have been on the board for a little while will have a slight advantage.


I'm starting the contest by posting the blank grid which needs to be completed. Also, to start, I am only posting the clues for the top half of the puzzle. This will give those who don't see this for a few days to catch up.

The second set of clues (for the bottom half of the puzzle) will be posted at 0700 hours, Bangkok time, Tuesday, July 14.

I suggest that contestants print out this message, word clues, and puzzle grid and keep them handy for reference and to work on. (Just "right-click" on the puzzle and save and print.)

When a contestant feels that he/she has a valid, completed puzzle, the contestant must submit answers via email to me: hughhoy@hotmail.com Answers should be submitted in column form; that is, first list the words "across" and then the words "down" as shown below.



1. days


10. week

11. clue



1. time

5. print

7. puzzle



These are the prizes:1. New in-the-box Canon Powershot SD1200IS 10MP Camera




2. Seagate 500 GB portable hard drive; perfect for you "on the go" guys/gals? who have more vide/pics, stories to hide...er, uh store and/or take with you.



3. Sandisk 8 GB thumb drive.



4. Bottle of JW Black (1 Ltr.)



5. A 500 baht note.



6. A 500 baht note.



The first contestant to submit a correct response can choose his/her prize from those listed above. Second place winner gets choice of remaining prizes. Third place winner and fourth, fifth, and sixth place winners continue to choose in order from still-available prizes.


Here is the grid:



Here is the first set of word clues:


1. Guys have them (slang)

6. OH's personal trainer and favorite towel boy

9. Small street or alley

10. Bargirls who depart early

11. Well-known Soi Cowboy Go-Go

12. Gem frauds are examples

13. Certain coin machines and cunts

15. Highly publicized pandemic a few years ago

17. Island over run with venomous snakes (3 words)

19. Atheists do this



1. Seen on lower Sukhumvit most all hours

2. Mythical man-beast

3. Appears to be

4. Characteristic of Cent's postings

5. Tony Roma specialty

6. Sets of tits/jugs/melons, etc.

7. Types of grasslands

8. A dancer lacking in the "back side" department has __ ___ (2 words)

14. Famous canine



Any questions should be posted here. Those sent to my email will be ignored; this is to make sure there is a level playing field for all who are interested.


And, as per most contests, the ruling of the judge(s) is final. (That's me.)






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WOO HOO - Love crosswords though my ansers seem diferint from the wreters


You?? Doing a crossword??

You can't even get one post right with the correct spelling!!! :stirthepo



Be glad you don't have to do a crossword puzzle CTO has written. ;)





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