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Contest Quiz Time


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Okay folks. Time for another contest (been about a year, now).


Almost everybody here should have a chance. Over a period of seven (7) consecutive days, I will post a photo and/or ask a question about a photo. After all photos have been posted and questions posed, contest participants must send me their answers via the board personal message system (PM). (Email entries will not be accepted.)


Each contestant should PM only ONE response addressing all questions at once after the last question is posted. Just number the questions and provide your answers.


The first three participants to “PM†me the correct answers to the questions will win a prize. First winner gets first choice; 2nd winner gets second choice; 3rd winner gets what is not already picked.


The prizes: A one-liter bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label, an UNUSED battery-operated rabbit-style vibrator (which I guarantee many Thai ladies will enthusiastically accept or want to try), and 1000 baht. Khun Sanuk is holding these prizes. (I decided that with KS (he being a non-drinker) the JW would be safe; he isn’t openly into “kinky sexâ€Â; and, he promised he’d try to save the 1000 baht note.)


The first photo and question will be posted in this thread at approximately noon, Monday, October 18, Bangkok time. A new question will be posed about a different (or same) photo approximately every 24 hours. (That way, if you are out of contact for a day or two, you can still catch up.)


The board names of winners will not be announced until all prizes have been awarded; the winners’ choices will NOT be announced in respect to potential privacy issues (I’m aware of the prudish nature of some people here).


If there are no winners based on the first series of questions, I will post an additional photo and/or question until we have winners. (I’m tired of putting contests up where nobody wins !!! *&%#@%$#)


It should be noted that the questions may appear to some to increase in difficulty as they are presented. However, any decent mongering soul who has spent a couple of winks in Bangkok should be able to answer them.




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Just win the contest. It should be waiting for you. 50-year-old scotch is almost unheard of. :neener:




a botten never "lives" to be 50 hours old in my house...


Cheers H_H....nice gesture....once again


Sorry I missed you this trip....hopefully next time...OK?


Cheers DS


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I will try to win second place and donate the (yeah, right) 'unused' rabbit to the guy in the Active Ladyboy thread. A good deed indeed. He can then present it to the Ktoy of his choice and all problems will thereafter be solved and the thread can close so as not to get the Nervous God too damned excited.

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