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The Anything Goes Music Thread!

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W   Just like my mantra, there is music that I appreciate and music that others appreciate, the fact that I don't appreciate certain genres of music does not detract from its appeal to others.   T

Ahhh yes limbo have that amongst my collection....along with this little gem   http://youtu.be/LiyqAKAg7z8

What's not to like about a Japanese girly rock band that has songs starting with the lyrics "you make me so wet"!

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Though I prefer more traditional music most impressed by our local star in Bkk, 10 when she recorded this. Been on tv talent shows a few times, fluent in English as well as guitar, also has a great stage presence and confidence. Wearing her actual school uniform!


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Discussions a few days back about first woman in UK Punk, forget Poly Styrene and Siouxee Siox, I give you Gaye Black the Bass Guitarist with The Adverts


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