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What Cell Phone Do You Have ?


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How good are your maps? Worth downloading for Bangkok? (I'd need to get a phone with a bigger screen. :p )


Both Google Maps and Apple Maps, done work good but are online, There are other apps that'll use offline maps, all good.


Seems we have to get used to paying for a steady stream of data, at whatever rate the telcos decide.


What I often do, is check out the route whilst online on wireless, so the data is cheap/free, then keep the app open whilst I make the trip.

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1. Nokia 101 'brick' cost 44,000 baht back then. Ouch. (Now that I think about it. On the other hand, a land line would cost even more on the black market; Bangkok exchange was full and I was on a waiting list for almost five years.)

Company phone was one of those things like a backpack with a handset.

2. Motorola Startac - my favourite as it was a good convenient size and folded well in my pocket. Made redundant when service went digital.

3. Sony-ericcson - nothing to shout about

4. Nokia N79 - nice, with maps but no GPS

5. Nokia N97 mini - first touchsreen ever but preferred the flip keyboard. Always trying to jump on the net, though. Also was tied in to one service provider's frequency so couldn't just switch SIM cards.

6. Samsung Galaxy S2 - hand-me-down from my brother - took some getting used to after using Nokia so long.

7. Samsung Galaxy Win - cheaper alternative bought upcountry during Christmas rush when S2 decided to give up the ghost.

8. Sony Xperia Z3... my present one and happy with battery life. Water resistant too so one reasonably happy camper. Good GPS reception and Map program (Sygic) is transferable from phone to phone.


Side note: I do keep another el cheapo Samsung Hero - 600 baht new - in the car glove box for emergencies; battery lasts for almost two months on standby unlike your average smartphone battery life of a day with careful usage...

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Just bought a Samsung Galaxy J5 - good value at less than a quarter of the price of the latest model ( S7 ),has everything you need - big screen,camera,video,radio,net and maps.One good feature of my previous phone ( Nokia C6 ) was the maps - maps could be downloaded on wifi and then would work offline - no need to incur data charges .Found it particularly usefull on the overnight buses - good to know where you are when its 4 am ,pitch black outside and you need to get off the bus at the right place.Incidentally,have you noticed how early people start work in LOS ? Even at 4 am you see people opening up their shops and businesses :surprised:

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Personally I don't find data charges for being online that excessive, in Thailand I have a Post Paid account with AIS 100 Mins Talk time, 500 SMS and unlimited 3G plus international roaming for THB 1,110 / month.


in Vietnam it costs me VND200,000 (about THB300) per month for 3GB of data and I never use the full limit even though I use my tablet everyday in the car too / from work which is over 40 hours per month, as an emergency modem during the numerous black outs we have over here. I use the online maps, both google and apple, during my weekend forays into Ha Noi, not to find where I am going mind, i just go walkabouts get lost then use maps to find my way back to an area I am familiar with.


128 GB iPhone 6 for my Thai Phone / Portable Music Player and an old 64 GB iPhone for my Vietnam / Work phone / emergency modem / GPS / etc

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