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The World's Street-Food Capital Is Banning Street Food

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" The programme involves good hygiene practices in the preparation and sale of food, waste management and dress codes concerning food vendors, he said. "




I suggest foodstall vendor Wassana " Puk" Titaporn wearing a light blue outfit as shown above and all problems solved .

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Street food is so intrinsic to the daily lives of literally almost everyone in Bangkok, there's no way I see this being pushed through to fruition.   And if it is - it will be one of the most asinin

Light Blue   One of us is color blind

Light is a racist word. It implies that there is something wrong with being dark or medium ... or grotesquely fat like Michael Moore


I once attended a book reading of future senator AL Franken reading from his new book "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot" -- on Market Street in SF.

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When my nephew told me that it was a crime that Thailand was getting rid of street stalls in Bangkok, I told him that the only crime that I was aware of concerning street stall vendors in Bangkok was my getting hit over the head with a chair from behind by a street vendor 14 years ago. I won't miss them.

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