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Wifi for iPhone

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I think you are confusing cellular data with wifi.  https://www.wonderoftech.com/wi-fi-vs-cellular-data/

Yes, what Radioman said. No need for two SIM cards as True offers data packages. Have a chat with True and they will help you get it sorted out. True is OK for the data packages.

Its why they teach google navigation and youtube searching in schools these days  

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Do pulse dial phones still work?

I thought in UK they switched off pulse dialing so only DTMF works now.

My first modem, built from some left over surplus Prestel (anyone?) boards running at 1200 baud download and 75 baud upload had pulse dialing capability but by then we had high tech DTMF so I never used that bit.


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On 9/9/2019 at 11:43 PM, Flashermac said:

Done did it. Now I'm just trying to figure things out in the absence of instructions. Instruction shhets or booklets seem to be a thing of the past.

Go to NEP Rainbow Bar 1. There are several smart phone experts available for consultation!:xmascheer

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I got a True 2gbps 30 day package, up to 12.5gb. That turned out to be much more than I needed, but even so it was only 450 baht. I'll maybe renew it at just 1gbps. I really wanted it mainly for using google to find out where the hell I am when I get lost driving in Bangkok.

p.s. With all the new rail construction going on, parts of major roads are blocked off. And God help you if you get into a maze of endless small sois.  :(


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