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    This is implying the Republicans had no solutions either. They had control of all branches of government, with the Supreme court now having a conservative slant. Both parties are at fault and neither party will be adult about it. Both are paid by the same groups to some extent (Wall Street, rich donors, etc.). Until the money is out of politics nothing will happen and that won't happen because there is no demand from the average voters.
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    He did, she did...gets the USA no where. The US government needs to implement solutions but this constant bickering is a distraction from solutions! Someone, one of the parties has to step up and promote solutions. Now is the time for the Dems to step up, show that they offer solutions, not obstructions. Where is their candidate for 2020?what is their platform? and we hate Trump is no platform!!! The Dems have the house....let's see some solutions brought forward or are we in for two years of, we hate Trump, impeach Trump, etc
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    No one openly called Obama a motherf***er. Benghazi was real and Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya and Syria. International war crimes!