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  2. Yeah, you are right, as usual being a tourist or working/living there is a different perspective. When do you think you will work again? Any idea of where that might be?
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  4. That's a pretty kewl video.....except for the bit with Verstappen in it 😊
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  6. What unconventional sexual practices and fetishes? https://www.youporn.com/watch/12854857/subtitled-bizarre-japanese-woman-bandaged-head-to-toe/
  7. 😳 https://thai360.com/index.php?/topic/48472-what-film-movie-have-you-just-watched/
  8. I think the difference being was that you were a tourist looking at Vietnam through tourist eyes where as I was working there and viewed Vietnam through the eyes of someone on an overseas assignment, our expectations differed greatly. I have worked in many Shit holes including a Saudi Qatar, Libya and even the USA so the bar for comparison was set extremely low. Reasons why I ranked it higher than Spain include closer to Bangkok, Cheaper cost of living and on Married Status, having a partner with you when overseas makes it a lot mere tolerable.
  9. Definitely Thailand, I have been here / been based here over 30 years now, more than half my life.
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  11. Guess you are getting better and itching to move after getting bed ridden for so long. Glad you enjoyed Vietnam, I did not enjoy it at all (been there once only with a colleague whose wife is Vietnamese) which surprised me given the beauty of many Vietnamese women. Where do you think you might retire?
  12. After Madrid / sorting the shit out in Thailand, I did a few months work in the UK, mainly to be around for my Fathers 80th Birthday which I am glad of since he passed away a couple of years back just short of 90. Then I had a good 6 years spell working in Vietnam, not Ha Noi or Ho Chi Minh, a a city in the North called Thai Binh just South of Hai Phong and Halong Bay, enjoyed my time there best country I have ever worked in, and there have been many. Been taking it easy the past 4 years or so, keeping head down during Covid as well as recovering from a major illness, probably start looking for work again in a few months, still learning to walk again muscles tend to turn to shit when stuck in bed for a few years 555. Retired, I wish, still only in my 50’s (just, I turn 60 in 3 weeks time) a few years of work left in me yet and need to make up for the “Lost Years”
  13. Are you now retired or do you still go around the world?
  14. I stopped using Bangkok Bank 12 years ago, I found there customer service between non existent and downright criminal i.e. a Branch Manager refusing to give historical statements unless I purchased a health insurance premium from them (Which she would get commission from naturally), the Judge who issued the Court Order for the Statements wasn’t best pleased and Bangkok Bank (The Bank not the individual) ended up in the dock. Not only did I no longer wish to be a customer with them after such, I very mush doubt they would welcome my custom anymore 555. Kasikorn are OK, amazing how the perception of KBank changed amongst foreigners when it changed from Thai Farmers Bank in 2003 even though Kasikorn is an old Thai word for “Farmer”. When I was working for an MNC in Thailand my local payments were made into a company opened KBank account. KBank was voted best domestic bank in Thailand 2023 I prefer Siam Commercial Bank, voted best bank in Thailand for digital solutions 2023 I find it serves my needs better. Many of the services offered by / why voted best, by KBank are not available to foreigners and SCB being better online bank puts it above KBank IMHO and for what I use it for. But opinions are just like arseholes, everyone has one and other peoples usually stink 😜
  15. Tried to use my Bangkok Bank ATM card and was told it isn‘T working and to contact the bank. Given the holiday, the bank is closed until tomorrow…have enough cash and can use my American ATM cards and pay the fee, but that defeats the purpose of having the Bangkok Bank ATM card…pisses me off… THEN, I tried to move money around on one of my USA accounts, and online access is denied…never was before, again, pisses me off…ok, vent over, off to install a TV at my mother in laws…cheap here!
  16. The “very stable genius,” like most people, does not understand the Israel/Palestinian conflict and the role of “sub contractors” such as Hamas, Hezbollah etc…NO ONE DOES!! Not even the Israelis or the Palestinians. All they understand is their hatred for one another and their desire to kill each other… I say let them kill each other and we will move on with the result. The problem is, too many outsiders trying to influence the outcome…
  17. I am sure Trump´s brainpower is far too limited to understand the Palestina-Situation. He as usual has done something that he classified as the move of a political genius.
  18. Interesting and predictable read. https://carnegieendowment.org/sada/74988
  19. The Zone Of Interest [2023] Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Höss and his wife Hedwig strive to build a dream life for their family in a house and garden beside the camp. Unique and stark depiction of the inhumanity of war criminals. Worth seeing and leaves so much to the imagination.
  20. I’ll get to it when I return to the USA. In Thailand now and can’t be bothered with USA bullshit and tRUMP…
  21. Been almost a year since I was there and always a unpredictable experience.
  22. Another decent movie I just watched was called Judas and the black Messiah. It was about the US government war against the Black Panthers in the 60s how the FBI’s COUNTELPRO basically blackmailed or forced a guy to infiltrate the black Panthers and then betray them, leading up to the assassination, by the government, of Fred Hampton. Very very good movie very insightful. There’s numerous documents to back this up so it isn’t just a conspiracy theory. Sadly, no one really takes it as seriously as they should. If they did it to one group, they can do it to any group.
  23. All Gill and the others did, was the same thing all the insiders had been doing for years, and “the Man” hated it and did everything in their power to stop the “outsiders” from playing their game. The really sad thing is, a few very elite people can make or break a company and get rich in the process of destroying someone else. This practice really needs to stop.
  24. Not seen that, but in a similar vein there was the Netflix mini series called “Eat the Rich” pretty weak IMHO, didn’t really touch in Short Selling which was the basis behind the sting. That said good to see a bunch of nerds give it to the man.
  25. On the flight over to Bangkok, I watched the film “Dumb Money.” An interesting film with a new style of narration, about the Game Stop Stock market scandal. It showed how the market is basically manipulated/controlled by a group of very greedy hedge fund managers who all bet if a business will succeed or fail, all at their whim and will.
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