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  1. the media way way over rates soccer as an " american " sport. for anyone in this country that can read or write english knows that soccer is a 3rd world sport for 3rd world cuntries... :grinyes:


    each year there are designated dates for these 3rd worlders to forget about their poverty and despair and focus on a silly game that in their minds makes them feel relevent in the " real world "



  2. A warm pile of dog shit would be a great alternative.








    Hey' date=' W Bush had his eight years. He can't run again! :nahnah: :susel: :grin: :stirthepo [/quote']


    for christ fuking sakes , the bush regime has so butt-fucked the usa it will never recover for any of us to see any type of recovery.


    HH can rant all he wants about obama , but his tea-baggers will only sink the usa and the world into deeper shit.... :argue:



  3. Catch Me If You Can (2002)


    Directed by Spielberg, with Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Walken.


    "A true story about Frank Abagnale Jr. who, before his 19th birthday, successfully conned millions of dollars worth of checks as a Pan Am pilot, doctor, and legal prosecutor."


    Surprised I haven't seen this before! Very enjoyable to watch. :up:


    cool movie , hard to beleive a true story... :surprised:



  4. Hi,


    You liked that one? It's another movie I turned off half-way through. Trailer looked very interesting, actual movie sucked I thought.




    Guess maybe you'd have to been in the USA during the time that the flick was depicted , i'll stand by my post.... :hippie:


    Also on same flight saw Crazy Heart... i thought JB sould have gotten the Oscar for his role in MWSAG's...Crazy Heart was just a hillbilly version of Leaving Las Vegas...another terrible movie that got alot of acclaim from the so-called critics... :clown:

  5. If alcohol wasn't involved, then what was he on? :hmmm:


    Something to ponder ( if you really give a shit ) Here's my theory... :drool:


    He's arguing with the wifey , she delivers a Mike Tyson like punch to his chops. He starts crying because she bloody's his lips and mouth.


    He storms into his SUV and at an accelerated speed of NOT more than 33 MPH crashed into the fire hydrant ( airbags dont deploy under that speed )


    The crash was caused cause wifey was chasing him with a 5 iron down the driveway.


    She smashes out the rear window of the SUV to finish him off.... coppers arrive and save him from further beating from wifey.... case closed.


    Bada :sleeping: Bing






  6. drogon said:

    Would be a great idea but:

    - he never drinks

    - he never goes out

    - maybe he never f***........

    - he is a moron


    But he pays well


    So he is not very interesting overall.


    :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


    My boss is quite the opposite , " HE " took me on my first Biz / Whoring trip to Taipei in 1995. I have not been the same since.. :hubba: , oh , and he pays well too ::


    Bada :beer: Bing

  7. Truly sad news , it's been reported that the country of Costa Rica ( spanish speaking ) will be holding a 4 day memorial , in memory of Mao Mark to start May 27th thru May 31st , received an email from my novia ( girlfriend ) who lives in CR requesting my presents :: and presence there to observe this most regrettable occasion. Plane ticket and hotel reservation just completed.


    BadaheadingsouthBing :(

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