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  1. My newest piece of freeware would just have to be 'HIJACKTHIS' ( HIJACKTHIS ) which is a small program that lists all installed browser add-on, buttons, starup items and allows you to inspect them, and optionally remove selected items. The program can create a backup of your original settings and also ignore selected items. This program also helped me to RESTORE MY EMAIL PROGRAMS at long last :D . Another good'un would have to be Outlook Express Freebie Backup( OEBACKUP ), which is a tool for people like me have just bought a new PC or laptop and would like to transfer all of their setting, messages, address book and account folders etc from their old Outlook Express to their new one. Two fab programs
  2. Says silvergoat: Not freeware - but all the posts on spyware got me thinking - Spector - you install it on a box (or network) there's no trace of it (no icons, folders in the registry - and you password protect it) - and it basicaly takes a snapshot (up to one a second), records all keystrokes, and captures all internet mail (yahoo, hotmail), and every single wesite visited.. You log back on later and can watch the whole thing 'like a vcr' http://www.spectorsoft.com/default.asp?refer=12408 I've never seen it in Panthip - but maybe I'll look around again - might be fun, or scary.. Clever piece of software, but could be dangerous in the wrong hands
  3. There is some good titles in there, coops. Cheers.
  4. Says SOONGMAK: Personally, I am looking for a freeware anti spam tool that works with Outlook express, windows XP and that can handle multiple emailaccounts, both of the Pop3 and Imap variety. I guess this is asking too much.... I have no idea Soongmak, but good luck in your quest to find it mate
  5. Cool, yet another great spam tool to add to my program files, cheers UV. The trouble is though, that I will probably end up with more anti-spam programs than anything else the way this thread is heading...
  6. I would have thought that you could save a particular thread in your favourites folder in Internet Explorer. Just click on Favourites at the top of the screen, give the link a name, and you should be able to revisit this page whenever you click on the link saved in your favourites. I havent tried it, till now and it seems to work. Not sure if the Thread numbers get changed at any time though, any idea KS?
  7. Says lovethai: Thanks for the tip on Spampal, works great Very interesting thread for the computer illiterate, lots more good programs to try. Thanks :beer: No problem with the Spampal program, KS also came up with a good 'un, Mailwasher is also an A1 anti-spam program. I am now running them side by side and almost catching 90-95% of my 60 or so spam mails on a daily basis. Agreed though, this thread is becoming an excellent resource for those of us who wish to keep our pc's in tip top condition...
  8. >>> In the last year, II had three different viruses in my mail, and all of these viruses were brand new<<< Well I suppose we have to allow them a bit of time to find out what it is, what it does and how to cure it. But yes it is annoying that the AV companies are not psychic >>>I also see that you use Fresh software. I had some of it as well, but they send you so many emails I crossed them of my list<<< Not sure what they used to send, but now it is only 1 per week (max I think) which aint bad for a 1/2 decent piece of free software, i think. All valid points though...
  9. I'm gonna give that mailwasher program a shot. I use spam pal at the moment, but although it does fairly well, it is still far from perfect. Thanks for the tip.
  10. 1. AVG anti virus software - freeware 2. Zone Alarm - protects your computer with a firewall. 3. Pop up stopper - as it says. 4. Spampal - destroys all spam e-mail before it hits your inbox. 5. Irfanview - (again) 6. Adaware - finds and deletes all spyware and adware programs you have (unknowingly) installed on your pc. 7. Fresh download - a download manager program. 8. Fresh UI - lets you tweak a number of internal settings on your hard drive with no programming knowledge. Thats about it - i think...
  11. >>>PLEASE STAY AWAY... they dont work out any cheaper, and your choice is restricted... thats the best outcome... the worst especially in a place like Thailand is that you lose $5000 or more....<<< Agreed, all things considered, even if they are genuine, you will more than likely be taking your annual weeks in thailand rather than anywhere else so why not just purchase a condo or studio. OK probably costs triple the money plus a maintenance charge, but it is yours to stay in whenever you want, and when you dont stay there, you could rent it out. Then with your rental income paid into a local thai account, you may not have to worry about saving for your next trip there. Well thats what a friend of mine does anyway...
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