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  1. yep, youre right about that, i have had the same probems even with some friends 30 up. Now I just bring my drivers license or some other kind of id that is easier replaceable than the passport.
  2. Well, having read the report about the Q-bar raid, I find it disgusting that they treat grown up people like teenage kids who are supposed to learn how to go out and how not. But then again, its something that happens with special frequency towars the upcoming bangkok governor election. Theres always a reason for that bull...I guess. The passport check would certainly be another point that needs to get into the public, also the thai public. So imho, if you get stopped by the bois in brown and they want to see your passport, it should suffice to go to their station the following day and show it to them. After all, who brings their passport with em for a night out. I dont.
  3. Me, I wouldnt boycott the place as it is still far to impressive to me every time i go there. I would rather try and influence the ways of the people i am involved with, not that they are anybody big. still I believe in intercultural exchange as a way of teaching and learning fom people otherways foreign to you.
  4. I just read the morning newspaper. they mention a new p2p service similar to the kazaa. it is called skype, and downloadable at www.skype.com apparently it is possible to make and receive free high quality phonecalls with this software. well, its not really a phonecall understanding that you use speakers and microphone of your computer to communicate. I have just downloaded it myself and can tell if its really good. Might be worth a try though. Free phonecalls to LOS, yeah! :: Pc
  5. Herpes, gonorrhea, or genital wartz are an annoying, but not deadly thing to catch. Where would I find myself if after a nice "dining out" in LOS, when finding out that an unexpected deadly souvenir has sneaked into my veins. Maybe one should wear double raincoats in the future...
  6. Hi Hua Nguu, Pharcyde is the name of a favourite rap-band of mine. They did a classic album, if I remember I think it was in 1992 or something. The name of the album is "Bizarre-ride to to the Pharcyde". Pharcyde=far side (the other side)... ...Im not old enough to classify myself as "Hua Nguu" yet... Cheers, Pharcyde
  7. I know two for sure, Singha, bc its like the beer, and Tanwaa, bc its my birthday soon. As for the rest I think I can recognise them when I hear them spoken by Thais. Myself, I just count the döan t1, and döan t2, etc... ::
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