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  1. Since they the embassy said they would contact me, not vica versa the responsibility (or in this case irresponsibility) rests squarely on their shoulders. Mr. Andrew gave me a pretty solid "no" but then followed it by a "maybe" and a slip of paper that said my passport would be ready in two weeks, that grey area you were talking about is definitely there. If one is charged with a crime there is a certain protocol which should be followed; rights read, legal search and seizure, etc. (Didn't see it in sarasota) Likewise, just taking my passport without explaining why or properly justifying it is wrong, but this is the deep dark woods and noone gives a gosh darn. Unless you are a member of congress, of course in which case yours is the country of freedom and rights blah blah blah (sell it to the Thais, if you can)... and you actually might get to exercise a few of them.
  2. Wanker and Colin Powell slumming on the internet, what is the result... Obama? I try to protect you guys but what do I have to work with: a $20 flare launcher, and you make a trojan-war sized fuss about that. (quite a clever little thing,really; just keep it away from Cap'n Ron.)
  3. It isn't happening, as was obvious I guess from the lack of response from the passport tracking system. Apparently there is a Warrent from florida that has magically appeared; I haven't even been to florida for 13 years, and had no problems having my passport reissued in 2002, and additional pages added in 2007 (2009?). I asked Mr Andrew if there wasn't a way of double-checking the legality of the warrent, he has more connections than I at the moment. Still not entirely convinced that there isn't some other issue and this just got cooked up as an excuse.
  4. Unfortunately I can't do an "Occupy the US Embassy", anyways I doubt camping outside would improve anyones mood very much.
  5. All is well. I went into the United States Embassy in Bangkok, gave them the fee, required photos and forms and walked out with a slip of paper that read on one side "Your passport will be ready for collection Two weeks from date of application", and had the address and phone number of the embassy on the other. It was personally autographed by "Andrew". So why am I worried. Truth be known, in between the submission of the paperwork, and the collection of the slip of paper there was a bit of drama. The number "115" (my number) came up on the monitor, I went to the window and Mr Andrew said something to the effect of "there is an issue, and until we resolve this issue we cannot return your passport or give you any passport at all" Ok, a bit of a shocker because I have no clue what he's talking about... issue? It gets even better Mr Andrew "Where are you staying? Don't worry, we aren't going to break down your door or anything" (a fresh issue? still, I have no idea) I answer "Banglamphu" Andrew "Where is banglamphu?" He gives me the slip of paper, and says "We have your phone number?" I answer "yes, and email" "We will call you today or tomorrow to resolve this" End interview. Almost two weeks go by, no word from Mr. Andrew. Where is my passport, in some embassy drawer, forgotten? Given that "Andrew" didn't call or e-mail I can only assume it was a bad joke of some kind. Clearly not very much concern here for the security or safety of Americans abroad here, Mr Andrew appears to have the luxury of being able to take a passport (illegally?) and not worry very much about it, or think that he may be called into account for it. Tomorrow (in theory) I should go into the embassy and pick up my new passport. In the event that it is not there, and no call or response comes from the consulate by tomorrow what should I do?
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