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    just used swiss to zurich. had the big screen and a vide variety of sports, movies, documetaries. you can play, stop, pause as you wish. service was impeccable, all night somebody patrolled with drinks and sandwiches. gets my thumbs up.
  2. intoxicated

    Liver pate

    otto's got the german style ones. try the assorted liverwurst plate. there is a place on thong lo 11 that makes a great pate (and foie gras). aux saveurs. good value for money also on other foods. great cheeses. opt for the daily specials 3 course dinner.
  3. intoxicated

    Best/favorite tom yum goong?

    I think the one at love scene (24/7, soi 23) is outstanding.
  4. intoxicated

    Upscale Thai restaurants

    I quite like the white decor of "The House on Sukhumvit Soi One" the food is royal thai cuisine and not toned down in spices. on sukhumvit 14, opposite suda.
  5. intoxicated

    Tasting menu/wine pairing?

    wine loft pullman wine bar winebar at jet glass at giusto the one at la villa also there are advertised wine dinners that would pair a winery with the restaurant. watch the bangkokpost. beccofino does it beaulieu la villa
  6. intoxicated

    soi 22 update

    sold the place on 22. got more than I bought it for. toxic is not ror sale, well not really.
  7. intoxicated

    soi 22 update

    wanna buy a bar there?? have one for sale.
  8. intoxicated

    Bar Closure - New Year

    most bars in cowboy are open now, but I did not see anybody drink booze. the bar that cannot be mentionned, said that they serve.
  9. intoxicated

    Christmas dinner!

    agree hare and hound grub is delicious. here my choice this xmas, and probebly new years as well. http://www.chesa-swiss.com/thismonth.html inTOXICated
  10. intoxicated

    New pizza delivery

    my fav is still www.pizzamania.co.th 022611212 from 11am til 11pm. if you near sukhumvit soi 23, it will be very quick and piping hot. their pasta (my fav penne arrabiata) and salads are nice aswell.
  11. intoxicated

    Bar Closure - New Year

    hotel bars will be open and serve. restaurants too. my bet is patpong will be open.
  12. intoxicated

    NIce Hotel Near Soi Cowboy

    sorry, or email under townlodgebkk@gmail.com inTOXICated
  13. intoxicated

    NIce Hotel Near Soi Cowboy

    Town Lodge keeps his low season prices :thumbup: 1'200 baht for a standard room 2'500 baht for a jacuzzi suite stay 5 or more days and get a great discount free internet free breakfast until 1pm happy hour at toxic 7 to 9pm. 241 all the rooms are currently receiving a touch up. pm me for bookings :smirk: inTOXICated
  14. intoxicated


    GLOW usually has a great halloween night.
  15. intoxicated

    24 hour number to report smoking violations: 02-590-3342

    a guy came up to me last night in my bar. "excuse me, can I smoke in here??" "I am afraid not, smoking is not allowed anymore." "what about the people in the corner there, they smoke!" "they didn't ask!"