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  1. All of this is true. We have not done it a lot, but from the "for fun" tests we did, we could not tell flat out from the lab GMO corn from the garden variety with flame chromatography.
  2. Seriously. That should be enough to last them for the next century ...or four.
  3. They have to pay for ObamaCare, the war without end, and trips to China with something.
  4. That would likely be a device like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZr5sl0nixQ
  5. That would be pretty cool, indeed. If you find it send it my way. Interested to get the skinny.
  6. Unless you are talking about a Solar Still (In which case you need to define "nasty.") I've never heard of it. What is it called? How does that work? (There was a thing called "life straw" or something like that a few years ago. Did ok for biologics but proved seriously useless in testing as it did nothing for virus or non-biologic waste. And did nothing for salt water.)
  7. TheCorinthian


    I LOVE my aTV that I have four of them. (Chrome cast, too.)
  8. Where do you want me to start...?
  9. Ok I was wrong. My SrChief (retired last year and joined us) corrected me. Many of the US ACs laid down in the 90s do still have some 'vaporators on them, but are slowly being converted to ropu as they come in for re-fits. All subs now have ropu on them as does anything laid down in after about 2000.
  10. Number of hits make it true? Seriously though, I saw that one but it read like rumor and innuendo. They never fail to report these things in other cases and I know they did blood work on him. My point is, he seems to have actually been on nothing. (Which would be in keeping with strict Islamic teaching.) Some people, are just crazy.
  11. What drugs was Nidal Malik Hasan on again?
  12. No idea about the 80's but on the four I was on for some time in the 2000's and also talking the the Navy people here, evaporators went the way of the dinosaurs in the 90s due to energy use and maintenance.. and yes, size. Like you said, a ROPU is essentially a filter and a high pressure pump. USMC's portable ROPUS are about the size of a VW Beetle and produce about 5000 g/day. I was told the ones on the air craft carriers make 500,000..! It should be close to 7 - 8 at the source. And remember, homeostasis will change every thing you ingest to the correct ph for your body in your gut or expel it. (We called that a case of the Mexican Ass in the teams.)
  13. Ok, I am told the instance of all 5 (there are 5) strains in the same area are pretty rare but has been know to show up in sample results.
  14. Not a clue. I used to know but my knowledge on this is old. (In bug stomping, you are out of date if you quit studying for like 6 months!) But a buddy of mine at CDC is a researcher on this bug. Have not spoken to him in a year or so, but I will reach out to him and see what he says.
  15. I think you are mixing what I said with someone else. I totally agree O3 is made in lightening strikes. Volcanos also make it. And any arch flash will generate some. (That goes back to "the massive current" approach, or did you just not read what I wrote...? ) And yes, even some low voltage will produce a little esp in an arc flash, and since you can smell it even at parts per billion scales, no doubt you "sense it" but no where near an amount to be useable and it is certainly not helping your water. I dont know what you are reading but it is not a chemistry book nor is it my posts. And come on Mike, I told you my schools to your face at one of the meets. A big univ in Cambridge, MA and another big univ in Atlanta GA. My two degrees are in chemical engineering and physics. I have worked in the HAZMAT and Chemical industry for over 17 years including work in BKK with some fellow members. I have to do 20 hours of continuing education a year to maintain my certifications. Any thing else you want I can PM you. So when you come back to anything I say with "oh you can get it in China Town" I have to laugh my butt off. But if you think you have some super duper change to the process we can make use of, I can guarantee you $$$$$$$$$. But we cant use the "I Got One in China Town" or "The Internet Says it's True" approach. We have to have hard data: real science. (Oh and the Navy does not use evaporators since prob the 1980s. The current system is called a ROPU for "Reverse Osmosis Processing Unit." Here is a link: http://science.dodli...sea-transcript/ )
  16. Has anyone here ever had whale meat? Is it really that good? I never would eat any so figure might as well ask.
  17. One more on EPA http://www.epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/fedfacs/redstarsal.html
  18. I've seen it numerous times. CNN, 60 Min @ Bragg (saw them when they filmed), this one: http://www.waff.com/story/13406356/inside-the-gate-a-waff-48-news-special-report heck stars and strips: http://www.army.mil/article/28457/Environmental_Team_Cleaning_Up_Past_Mistakes/ Cant help if people just dont listen, huh?
  19. Yea right. Your proof that I am wrong is "I bought one in China Town???" Hahahahahahaha!!! Nice! you almost had me going. I love his "proving method" on that link too, "you can smell it!" Cav, I think you need to get a book and try it yourself instead of using Google to look up "home made o3 generator." Build one of these and see how much o3 you get and I will gladly change the process we use to help purify water if you can make enough. But you have to show how you measured it now. None of this "you can smell it" peer reviews, please. Only real science. Good luck..!!! (Or better yet, take the method you were taught in school, read a water chemistry book, do the math, come up with the current you would need. It's really pretty simple to do.)
  20. Ah, ok. I thought they used something else to get around the harpoon agreement.
  21. I am more impressed that Japan said they would abide by it.
  22. Yea, how does anyone not know this...? One of my last jobs on Active Duty was overseeing the clean up of one of these places. Here is the funny part: since it was not illegal to bury it at the time, we had very precise (and damn near invaluable!) records on what was there and where it was. Our method was to literally freeze the ground, take it up, and run it through a huge industrial blow furnace to destroy the bad stuff. Big 60 Minutes episode was filmed there. All at Fr Bragg, NC.
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