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  1. I would think so. Killing or seriously injuring everyone that passes through your airports would be devastating to trade.
  2. What radio station is that? The ones we use are called Millimeter Wave Scanners. It uses high frequency radio waves to reflected off the body to see what is under clothes. (A lot like sonar seeing through water or earth.) The others are called back scatter x-rays. No matter what shyguy would tell you, this tech works on normal ryas that reflect off you as they do all day long on the planet. Not x-rays that pass through you like at the Dr's office. The dose is about 100x's LESS than that you get from a flight in a jet and a lot less than is likely coming off your cell phones.
  3. Bro, you really should look up something before you post absolutes you know? These scanners do not use x-rays, hence, you have to be an idiot to believe what you said.
  4. Yea.... As much as health care does need reform in the US, you would be amazed at how this is so not the way to do it and how hated it is now that business owners are seeing how it will nuke them.
  5. Funny thing, the state he is in is a legal state. He could have had up to 6 plants fine. 147 is a no - no.
  6. Yep. He knows me now since I yelled at him and now he shuts up when I walk by.
  7. TheCorinthian

    August 6

    Cool. How do I id you all? (Cav I know though!)
  8. My brother emailed me about the NC case, seems raw milk is uninsurable so the farmer lost the whole dairy and went to jail for 18 months.
  9. TheCorinthian

    August 6

    Me too!!! Where's it going to be?
  10. Good question. I have sites built for a 12 pack all the time. You need a decent guy that will work for drinks in BKK, PM me.
  11. Worked for me, but as you never got back to me after I spoke to you in April, I thought you were out of business.
  12. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/08/03/police-missing-maine-boy-dads-pot-plants/?test=latestnews This is just funny. Glad the kid is ok but how stupid must the dad be in the first place.
  13. Well, I for one do tend to like your play by play of the news as it keeps me from having to dig through the BKP website. Even if all you are doing is reposting then news. But I will also tell you you went way overboard with the red shirt thing. You even reposted your self a few times.
  14. I cant speak to LA but in NC we had a serious outbreak from tainted raw mike in the early 2000's I think 50 people were hospitalized and the farmer was almost burned at the stake. It turned out he knew something was wrong as he warned two people but not anyone else. So everyone else was pretty pissed. I'll try to find the link. I know it is supposed to taste good but milk is one of those items I would rather have go through a process.
  15. Damn hippy, was this in BKK? I only had a farang ask me that once a long time ago on the BTS. In fact there used to be a thread about this looser here or on the old board. I think in the end he was so notorious that a group of you got together and he left town. The latest thing I have been getting hit up for is a thai guy standing next to a pay phone asking for change for the phone. The idiot is lazy though as he tried it two nights in a row from the same phone near Pacific Liquor. I yelled at him that that does not work twice! (Even though I did not give him any cash the first time) He must know english as he quickly shut up and looked really stupid.
  16. I hate to dredge this back up but have those web sites gone dark? I sent three requests to them last month and got nothing in return. I even PM'ed Tim here and nothing. Is he ok?
  17. +1 melting a coin down would be pretty stupid.
  18. No kidding. I could have done a number with him had it occurred to me it was not a joke before just about when it was done. Had there been just about any tow of us, he would have been toast and we would have been trying to decide who gets the free motorbike.
  19. They are getting pissed that they can not withdraw their money.
  20. Damn that was fast!!! Already got a reply. Hehehehe
  21. Common Law Marriage is not recognized in my state. (Thank the Gods!!!)
  22. Not a very new one.. Seen it a lot. Replying right now. I'll let you know how it goes!
  23. Ok, here is the original story: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-07-28/duping-the-families-of-fallen-soldiers.html This seems to be extra insurance as no where does it mention SGLI (Soldier Group Life Insurance) which is the automatic pay out if you get wacked. It is payed out however the Member specified in his SRB (Service Record Book) from the treasury. Also, the amount they are talking about is wrong for it to be SGLI.
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