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  1. I cant tell anything has changed except the number of farang tourists is noticeably down. Which is a good thing if you ask me!
  2. The thing is... I dont think they were loud at all. I may be deff or something but they were not yelling and screaming. That would have pissed me off a little too.
  3. ...the noise the kids are making in the pool. He says, "They very noisy! It's Sunday and I can not sleep.!!" Ok, its 8:25 am and I have been here at the pool on my lap top working since 6:00 am. I saw the kids and mom come down at about 730 and they have been fine. Deff not as bad as I have seen it and certainly not as bad as it could be. My first impression is this guy is an ass hole. And with what goes on on the street at night, how kids in a pool can be what keeps him up is beyond me. (Ok, rant over....)
  4. How does that lottery even work? I have never asked.
  5. This is true. There is no one set of "what you do when..." book in the US. And I guess I find it funny that the number of people here are raising hell but seem to not notice that at the least in the US, these guys are being asked to explain them selves. In LOS, the cops can do just about anything to you and get away with it... forever.
  6. And you are a lier or a coward or both. Especially when you say your early check out time fro the hotel was a motivation. I think we understand each other.
  7. Tell me about it.... I had to walk from Siam Paragon to Nana through them!!! Nice lot.
  8. Short story: Avoid! Dirty smelly moldy rooms. Longer version: I checked in today. 30 min later, I checked out. I am back in town for about 45 days, a buddy and his family are coming in tonight as well and they found a good deal on the web for the President Park BKK http://www.presidentpark.com/ Wanting to be close I book the first 7 days of my stay there as well. I got here 12 hours ahead of them and getting off the elevator on the third floor I was at first hit by the smell. Mold and wet wood. Not a deal breaker for me as I know most places here only A/C the rooms, and I have never had trouble with it before. However get to the room and it is that much worse. They show me my buddies room and it is bad in there as well. Best I can tell is the A/C vent has a bad drain (or no drain) as the "dry" wall around it is just sickening. Also, they have the standard "power up the room by inserting key" thing on the wall. But in this place, when you leave, the refrigerator shuts off as well. I noticed it when I opened it up. And that was what did it. I walked to my old stand by on Soi 20 and got a room there. I'll let PP charge me for one night as I know I can never explain why I am leaving to them well enough, but if they charge for anything else, I will sick Amex on them. I took photos of the mold, ect. I got here 12 hours ahead of them
  9. That is true of any people before a revolution.
  10. If the locals took matters in to their own hands like your's and my ancestors did, they would not be in the mess they are with a ruthless, psychopathic dictator.
  11. Your getting ahead of me to "with-in combat" strategy. Back on point, Chinas greatest fear is 10m NKs swarming over the border "to a better life." Say what you want about the US Military, that never happens as at the very least, they feed the people they find and generally pay them to boot and build them stuff.
  12. Doubt that. The reason China has not backed reform in NK is that they do not want the massive influx of refugees. Compare that to the massive influx of refugees from Iraq and Afgan out of the those countries during the current war.... (I.e., none) and you see my point. They would love us to take it on as we tend to pay the people left off.
  13. Going to get NK would erase anything anyone thought about BO and the current game plans. It is pretty clear China would not care and would love for us to take responsibility for NK away from them. And yea, no media sleeping here. It was all over Fox and CNN.
  14. Yea, a near check out time has always kept me from helping another human being out. Let me take this time to call you a damn lier and at worst a flat out coward. You do not deserve the freedoms you have... that other, better men died to give and keep for you.
  15. Obviously an accident. Seriously, do you really think we would pass up on a chance to go get N.Korea?
  16. Ah' date=' now I understand. It is ok to to teaser non pregnant women, because the don't want to sign a paper... [/quote'] 99% of cops would not do it unless something odd was happening. Like very combative, likely to put the other kids in danger. What would you guys all say about cops that let some woman drive off and kill herself in a wreck? Damn the cops then too I bet.
  17. 240 and 5'2"? That is so huge no one would know she was pregnant. Even her I bet!
  18. I wonder what the Singapore justice system will do to him? Need to have the Queen of Hearts available!
  19. I agree they are on the front page, but for those of us that dont see your threads for a few days, they tend to fall off the front of the paper. As for thai hit men... You would think if some one like me were to make a career change, a person with true skills or a good dose of training could command a hefty fee!
  20. In the cost vs time, still nothing beets chlorine but a salt system. (Which is still chlorine in the end.) But as far as I know, you can not switch from chlorine to the polymer with out a flush of the system and complete water replacement. Also, there are a few more things you have to do to a pool other than chlorine to keep it fresh and clean. If you have serious concern and still want to use the pool, I would just buy your own 25k bin of Calcium Hypochlorite and dump it in your self. Go in with your neighbors, with the number of pools in LOS, it cant be too expensive.
  21. Wow, horrible shots, thank the gods. (How do so many have so many guns and no idea how to shoot them?) Oh and flash, you really need to include links to the stories in your posts. It makes it a lot easier to get the rest of the story or the updates.
  22. suppose this actually happened then, apart from witnessing, what did you and your friends do? help out the couple? note the bike's numberplate? call cops/ambulance? anything? Pretty sure the OP is full of shit.
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