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  1. Me either, but the people in Ca voted on it, and it lost! End of story. They can vote on it again and if it wins, end of story. What kills me is how a lot of people really hate "democracy" when they loose.
  2. It would be difficult to do this with only a week in the US. Here banks report transactions over $10k and multiple transactions equaling $10k, so you cant just cash 50 checks for $9999. SO getting a good amount of the money out in cash is going to be your first problem. Cant go to just a ton of different banks because who is going to cash a big check from a sister bank without knowing who you are very well. So I think at best you may be able to get $25k out in a day if you are lucky before they clue in. Now you could tell them you are buying a house and get a certified check. They would buy that, but if they find out in time they will just cancel the check. With all the nigerian scams going on, no bank is going to cash a big ass certified check with out calling the bank directly.... and there you are in trouble again. Yea, so I would likely tell the bank and hope for a reward. I cant see a way to withdraw a good enough amount of it fast enough to live free for 50 years. ( Notice I am not saying anything about how to disappear! )
  3. What do you mean when you say, "good at computers and video games?"
  4. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Funny and sad how that always comes up. It may in the end be the only thing that man is remembered for. No' date=' No, No! I was thinking about the Clinton bars area. What was that Suk 16-18 area?[/quote'] HA!!!! My best friend met his wife there!!!!! Damn.... your good!
  5. Hahahahahaha!!!!! Funny and sad how that always comes up. It may in the end be the only thing that man is remembered for.
  6. At least two bars there last night that had cigars in them. Didn't go in anywhere else and had a blast
  7. Old news. The guy on the American end was like 23 and lived a few hours from me. As I understand it he is in line for life in prison. Serves him right.
  8. Has anyone checked out the Bamboo Lounge at The Oriential? I will be pissed if i can not go have my traditional smoke there anymore.....
  9. With the ridiculous arguments you make, apparently that is about it. (sigh) Anyway, to the rest of you, how is the ban holding up? Is it being Enforced or is it still hit and miss?
  10. A car or simple breathing has a negative effect on those within the same airspace. (Diminishing of O2 in the area.) Will you ban cars? How about breathing or coughing?? That is an absolutely dumb argument for both a chemistry and a biology point of view. You are not very smart are you?
  11. PT me if you need to know when yer back in town mate! BTW, I've a few really nice Ramon Allones Gigantes (a 7 7/8" version of the Specially Selected), at least one with your name on it, to say thanks for everything. Cheers, SD Thanks SD, will do!
  12. I totally agree with this. I do not feel addicted, in fact I just now am having my first cigar in the past two weeks. It is the idea that there is not any choice in the matter at all I don't like; as you say, no freedom. Heck alcohol is addictive as hell, just ask AA.
  13. And you act like a retard, a bully with a keyboard. Enjoy your freedom and I will enjoy mine.
  14. 90% of the British and American army's smoked in wwii. They did pretty well as I recall......
  15. That is how I thought it would go; ie another way to make money via a license. I guess we will see. Now what is the number to report prostitution so I can call it.... You know, as a chemist I am surprised that the anti smoking people are not also the anti cars and, especially, anti-motorbike people? The chemicals coming out of those tail pipes affect us all and are 100x as deadly as secound hand smoke.
  16. DO you think this will blow over, or like pfp, just be ignored in the long run?
  17. So what happened to the bamboo lounge at the Oriental? God if they did not get around the ban I would love to have one of their ash trays!!!!
  18. Can someone explain the ban to me? What and where is smokeing banned now?
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