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  1. I am stating the lady drink quota as not to confuse members. A bar along Soi 4 has nothing to do with the gogo bars in Nana Plaza.
  2. Nana Group did own 20 bars in Nana Plaza but they have been selling some bars due to the political and economic situation. Bars do change hands from time to time and it is only natural that name changes occur under new ownership, plus renovations and in some cases a complete remodel of the interior. Regarding the exact business ownership details, these are kept private for business confidentiality. It's the same as not revealing personal details about all of the members on this forum. Therefore, bar owners have the same rights to privacy as the next person. Regarding Nana Group Bars the lady drink quota is far less than 120 drinks per month. It's at least 50% less than that. Bar fine and lady drink quotas have always been in place, otherwise every gogo bar would not make money. How on earth are they supposed to pay all those girls they hire???
  3. Exactly my point Flashermac and the Iranian wants to expand his empire. They even have the audacity to have a "Mamasan Drink" on the menu for 220 baht. WTF!?
  4. NANA PLAZA DAYTIME PRICES - To clarify the following bottled beers are available at Happy Hour Prices - CARLSBERG, CHANG, HEINEKEN, SINGHA, SAN MIG LIGHT, TIGER and TIGER LIGHT. Times of the 2 Happy Hours are below...
  5. You are wrong Mekong! I was just in a couple of the Soi Cowboy go-go bars owned by the Man From Iran the other week, and all local beers are 190 baht. In fact, they wanted to get us to buy lady drinks for an extortionate 220 baht. Either your information is way out of date, or you have got your wires crossed. If guys don't want the "All You Can Drink Special" there is a regular Happy Hour, which offers spirits and local beers for 80 baht. That is fairly standard in the Soi Nana area.
  6. St. Patricks Day is all about fun 'n' frolics, so their will be face painting, party music, jesters hats, green beer, plus a few surprises! If you are a drinker the "All You Can Drink For 599 Baht" is a great drinks deal. Several go-go bars in Soi Cowboy now charge an extortionate 190 baht for a standard drink. Remember that this special Happy Hour also applies to LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK GO-GO BARS during Happy Hour in Nana Plaza. Dont forget, the girls will be wearing Shamrocks, so make sure you rub them for good luck!
  7. BOOZE CRUISE - Revised times for the daytime drinking in Nana Plaza Beer Garden - "All You Can Drink For ONLY 599 Baht" is now 1:00 - 6:00 PM daily. HAPPY HOUR 80 Baht Per Drink is now 1:00 - 8:00 PM. This still includes - LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK GO-GO BARS. New poster below...
  8. Celebrate St. Patrick's Day this coming Sunday, March 17th at Nana Plaza Beer Garden. The party kicks off at 1:00 PM with an "All You Can Drink" Happy Hour for ONLY 599 baht. The "Booze Cruise" is for spirits and local beers. If you prefer to order one at a time, it is 80 baht per drink. The "All You Can Drink" special runs from 1:00 PM till 6:00 PM. The 80 baht Happy Hour runs from 1:00 till 8:00 PM. You can drink at all of the Nana Group Beer Bars on the ground level in Nana Plaza and this super saver also includes 3 go-go bars - LOLLIPOP, OBSESSION and HOLLYWOOD ROCK. This Sunday will be a Fun Day with the girls wearing stickers, so you can rub their Shamrocks for good luck!
  9. The Nanapong guys used to host wicked Go-Go Dance Contests. Now that really was dirty dancing!
  10. It is good to have options and variety for bar hopping, and it adds to the 'things to do in the day list.' The initial reaction is most guys seem to think daytime opening in Nana Plaza is a good idea. You can get a drink at many places during the day, but there is not much quality eye candy available. Also, the prices are very reasonable for go-go bars - ONLY 80 baht a drink. For those poor guys who have just arrived from Farangland, they desperately need to have a good time. The resident expats here sometimes forget that. All in all, I think it is a positive move.
  11. Daytime Delight - For the first time since Clinton Plaza, daytime drinkers can catch some eye candy with 3 go-go bars opening from NOON in the neon jungle of Nana Plaza. Below is a poster from Lollpop Go-Go Bar. For your information, Lollipop is the first go-go bar on your left as you enter Nana Plaza. Happy Hour - Local beers and spirits are ONLY 80 BAHT from 12:00 noon till 8:00 PM...
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