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    "New" Nana Plaza

    Last nights photo
  2. BlazingStarz

    Wet T Shirt Party

    Wet T Shirt Party Rock Hard - Fri August 13th, gets going 10PM, lasts 2 hours, get there at 8PM for prime seating, about 15 contestants and 20,000 Baht in prize money to the winners.
  3. BlazingStarz

    The Nanaplaza.Com Delphi board

    This is just like the old days, my Dr Joker assault is in the archives ! lol I must predate the decade as Delphi banned me for harassing their moderator when the big move off Delphi was about to happen, Walt i think was his name.
  4. BlazingStarz

    The Nanaplaza.Com Delphi board

    Wow I have been posting for a decade !