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    In one of the traversal soi in Bangla road (Soi Sea Dragon) there is a lounge bar (2 floor of Mickey Mouse-pool tables bar where you can find what you looking for there on the spot. It'an exclusive and new nice bar and lounge with separated rooms and lounges. The best part it's that it's not expensive at all.
  2. patongo

    Patong BJ bar?

    Why this thread shows so many replies when actually there are only few?
  3. patongo

    my pal not adjusting to Phuket.

    In my opinion your comment describes more Pattaya than Phuket Are you sure to have been in Phuket? It's the biggest gem Thailand has !
  4. patongo

    Patong anyone??

    I will be there after tomorrow, just tell me where you will usually hang up at night.
  5. patongo

    Patong BJ bar?

    I will be back to Patong in a week. I heard that one of my favorite bars, the only bj bar in Patong has moved to a new location. Is there someone who knows where it's now located? I don't know if those kind of questions are appreciated on this forum, I'm just a new member in here, but please if you have some info, thank you.