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  1. i don't want to buy the library either i just want to read the book lol
  2. as long as northern ireland remains under british rule there should be no problem
  3. OK i know this is possibly off topic i am in Thailand presently and in the process of a divorce in the states me and my soon to be ex wife have no property no children and no shared assets can she ask for spousal support also she sent the divorce papers to my house in the states and did not provide me with the tracking number so i could have them either re routed or have fed ex hold them for me until i return
  4. anyone know where i can rent a cheap room in bangsaen
  5. remember everyone genius has its limits but stupidity knows no limitations
  6. that's great discriminate against farangs because of their age if both people are above. the legal age of consent there should be no problem but no Thailand has to put limits on everything next thing you know they will forbid all marriages to Thai nationals
  7. you would think Thailand would be a wee bit more grateful. for the revenue generated by tourism
  8. dingsbumst69


    the problem is painful urination however i have not noticed any discharge no fever
  9. dingsbumst69


    hello how does a person go about getting a single dose of 2000 mg flagyl in Bangkok do pharmacy's sell without a prescription there?
  10. wow too bad they dont do that in thailand and cambodia
  11. what im talking about is all the ngos who are there simply skimming money from the donations. and living in luxury driving fancy vehicles while the people in the villages suffer. and who is watching the ngos how do we know they are not shagging the females they claim to save. also if your white they will take your picture and follow you even if your not doing anything some ngo fuck does that to me ill break his camera lol
  12. hey if anyone here likes chocolate check this website out http://www.chocolateonly.net/wordpress
  13. where the hell do you go in Cambodia? where there are no kooky christian ngos. the reason i say this is because i hear they like to bother. other foreigners even if your not doing anything wrong especially if your white
  14. i heard that the maximum amount youre allowed to withdraw is 20000.00 Thai baht using ATM machine so if you have lets say 845.00 in a American bank account you should be able to take out the entire amount in Thai baht in Thailand using a ATM machine correct?
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