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  1. Imagine you are outside a bar and a bar girl is kicking the shit out of you, you are not drunk and it is her fault. Now if you slapped her back what would be the reaction of the average young ferang looking for a way to impress the ladies, what would be the loyalty of all the Thais in the area? No, you hit a girl back right or wrong and you will have very few friends to back you up.
  2. Not if he was taken into custody and all those terrorists who saw it were killed, He wont be making many videos from a cell in a submarine? Well not youtube ones anyway!
  3. Twenty years ago I was suffering from dizzy spells, went to the Dr and had all kinds of tests done, brain scans etc. They could find nothing wrong and my Dr called me in for an appointment. He explaind that in his and his teams opinion I had the early signs of epilepsy and as such he was sorry but he would have to inform the DVLA and I would forever be banned from driving. Also the end of my PPL and my career. By good fortune a nurse was in the room and asked what job I did? I told her and she asked do I wear ear protection? I do and she asked what kind? I told her the roll up foam kind that you insert in your ear. She asked do I reuse them or put fresh ones in every time? I said I reuse them. She had a look in my ears and said the oil on my fingers had given me dermititus of the inner ear and in her opinion the resultant swelling on the ear canal ws causing the dizzy spells. I stopped using the ear plugs alltogether and had my ears treated, problem solved. Do I trust Doctors? No, do I trust the British NHS to keep my records private? No. Maybee when I am not of working age I will give full disclosure but untill then I play my cards close to my chest and seek private anonymous health care. Lately I have a pain in my left arm, I will seek private scanning and diagnosis before putting anything on my record. If it is bad news I have the oppertunity to up my life insurance and state no known health problems!
  4. Well he is either at sea or alive, I hope for his sake at sea!
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZW1Y4Z0PSI&feature=related
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om4ZZbGMlXI&feature=related
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0O675XxzE4k&feature=related
  8. "As petrol powered vehicles became more popular the numerous samlors present on the roads began to cause increasing congestion and health hazards and so as a result the samlor became outlawed in the late 1950’s." Samlor ban
  9. Rustle rustle rustle……………. Excuse me while a make my Bacofoil hat, ahem! Now if I wanted the world’s most wanted man in history I would detain him and tell the world his body was buried at sea. No wailing virgins at his grave, no place of worship for his followers, no body to dig up and prove he is still alive working in a chippy. No a burial at sea, quick, clean and game over! Now in the real world while his co conspirators relax knowing he and his information are at the bottom of the sea, I would have is body in the fwd torpedo room of an Ohio class sub alive and kicking. With electrodes up the yin yang getting all the information I could, and when he was wrung out like a sponge fire his body out of said torpedo tube number one! But then I am sure our colonial cousins would not sink to such depths?
  10. I know! I seem to have lost all moral restraints as well........ that could be a mid life crisis thing?
  11. Well I don't lie to my Dr where I think it matters but when he asks if I induldge in activities likely to put me at risk of STD's or have I ever tried recreational drugs then as I work on secret military projects I do not want to answer these questions. I don't think me hiding the fact that I once smoked weed in 1979 or that I have shagged a bar girl will put me at risk but I will not take the risk my employer, my life insurer, car insurer or the press find out. Here the govt have put our records onto the flawed NHS database any nurse short of a bob or two can access my files anywhere in the country, or any cleaner coming across a pc left logged on. I changed Doctors once and when I made an appointment was given my records in a manila file as they hadn't yet been put onto the database. While I was waiting I had a scan of them and noticed they were another patients records, I just don't trust them, How many govt laptops and momorey sticks have been left on trains containing secret information? My link
  12. To be honest you don't look like a rug muncher?
  13. Are there not neibouring countries that reflect Thailand pre 1978?
  14. I lie to my Dr regularly and nobody knows what future law changes there may be ie employment law or life insurance, I have regular HIV tests the fact that I am clear is irrelivant, the fact that I have been tested could put up the price of insurance. Your medical records are not private, insurance companies, employers and the legal system can get hold of them. I am claiming for a head injury against my employer, it left me with damaged brain and speech disfunction. Now my employer has access to all my medical records, so now I will forever be choosey about what information I give, health authorities also sell information as does the government. Tip of the iceberg
  15. First of all I am English so as usual only speak English........ well appart from a little German and Dutch but don't tell anyone I'll never live it down. She is an odd one, she "says" she want to live wherever I want to live. Now with my job I can work and live anywhere in Europe and most of the world but can earn the most in Switzerland. She has offered for me to live with her in her condo and be an English teacher with her at a university but that only pays £600 a month. Or she will come to the UK and Live with me, or I can work for 6 months in Europe and earn £35,000 then live in Thailand for 6 months. Don't know what to do? As to what to call "her" I am not a virus that can see DNA/RNA so if it has a vagina, looks like a woman, walks like a woman, talks like a woman, fucks better than a woman, smells like a woman then to me it is a woman.
  16. I piss on your dog and I fart in your general direction!
  17. It's not the having my dick cut off to become a woman that bothers me, it's the frontal lobotomy that puts me off!
  18. What next, blame the Jew? Have we not seen this before, blame the foreigner. Corrupt Police just look at the jet ski scam.
  19. There's a sponsor section?
  20. I don't think lesbian porn is?
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