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  1. Copyright infringement should be a civil matter, not criminal. Unfortunately the pigopolists make the rules.


    Recently in the newspaper DN (Swedish akronym for Daily News) there is an article that says that most hacking related crimes never reach the courts of law due to lack of competence in Swedish police. High profile cases like that vs. the founders of Pirate Bay not only reach the courts but the chain of proof is very well documented. Does anyone think that big money in the background didn't have anything to do with this.






    P.S. They don't make the rules, the interprete them. In Swedish this is called "rättspraxis".

  2. I don't really care what people believe. Best way to start an argument is to start talking religion.

    If that doesn't work youcould always start talking about politics.

    I have no idea how it all started, but the idea that nothing created everything is simply too far out for me. Maybe the Buddhists are right and the universe simply has aways existed in one form or another.

    A singularity isn't the same as nothing, it just doesn't have mass or volume but it does have infinite energy. The buddhists could be right. The singularity could be the universe in a different form than it is today.

  3. I presume you mean the guy in Perth,


    At least that is the version I heard about it. :dunno:


    I did indeed mean the bloke from Perth. As I recall it he was posting piictures of bar ladies (mostly nude) on his own board. After he posted pictures of a bar lady that apparently had married one of the wankers on the board (we both know which) the board members started to threaten him. Instead of requesting him to take down the aforementioned pictures they started to issue threats which included death threats. I believe that this was the point in time when he started attacking that specific board. I never heard that he caused trouble for all the night life boards.


    In difference to you I was not a member of the board at this time. Furthermore I have never been a member of the cliques that control any of the night life boards and have therefore not heard the same stories that you have. That said their credabillity rating must be one of the lowest ever. Some of them obviously thrive on putting other people down, or trying to, and causing serious peoblems for others so they can make jokes about taking the piss.


    Mind you I'm not saying that you are lying but I believe that you are conveying information from people who lack any kind of credabillity.



  4. Hi,


    POV-ray on a 486. That brings back memories :)


    Doing raytracing the hard way, no graphical interface, all code and waiting minutes (or even hours) for even a quick test run to see if you placed an object in the right place.




    When I worked at a technical university in 80:s a collegue wrote a program torender the famous Utah teapot. It ran on a Sun workstation with a 68020 CPU. The rendering took about 50 minutes.

  5. I'm currently re-reading the God Delusion by Richard Dawkins. It is a non-fiction book that debunks religion. It would be a great help to anybody who has lost their faith and is thinking about coming out as an atheist.


    That one is high on my list of "to read" even though I have been a convinced atheist for many years. Another on that I can recomend is "End of faith" by Sam Harris.

  6. ....and when there is no "real stuff"???


    ...and the prices are no cheap as they have a captive market!


    Maybe they advertise, this facility has NO ACCOMODATIONS, if you should need them!! our internet SUCKS...etc etc


    ...your reply is typical as for one from the continent, IMO.

    The solution is very simple, don't go to Europe.

  7. Rik Mayall, 56. Just heard on the BBC news, RIP you funny b'stard.


    Sad to hear. He was one of my favourite Brittish comedians. I remember his apearance in Black Adder goes forth where he tells captain Blackadder - "I'm so sexy, I can give a comode multiple orgasms just by sitting on it.



  8. When hotmail came out all those years ago I had a look at it and decided against it. Eudora was my preference. Nothing Microsoft has done since has cause me to consider any MS product, except where business requirements were inflexible.


    Eudora changed name to Lycos quit a few years ago and is still much better than Hotmail. I still use it for serious emails.

  9. Compared to 11 or 12 years ago, Nanaplaza was an ok place. Now with the prices going through the roof, and having to be sure what exactly I'm looking at on stage, I keep my visits there at a minimum. At least in Pattaya, you can move about pretty quickly and find something to your liking without having to spend a fortune :)


    I was there in March and on the bright side , more bars were showing than a couple of months ago. Som even had full frontal nudity on display. As you pointed out the rices are ridiculous so I only make very short trips to Bkk or stay away completely.

    Prices are on the rise in Pattaya as well but it is still much cheaper than Bkk. Furthermore the nightlife in Bkk doesn't hold a prayer to Pattaya.



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