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  1. Wily Woww that’s me. Anyway folks it’s the new improved version of Losing the Plot! Leading sex therapists recommend it. So download it and read it at your leisure. It’s about the same price as a lady’s drink.


    Then you can tell all your friends to read it or write a crappy review on Amazon. Whatever. See if I care. CW.

  2. Ah, nothing personal CW. But when one posts opinions which are personal, I guess any comment on those opinions must could be taken personally,eh? Perhaps you could paraphrase how I might have responded less "personally".



    "And ANOTHER liberal finds the kitchen too hot!!! 55555555555555"


    Yeah OK.....just a bit of bar banter...and I was frustrated trying to post. But I do find the level of political debate in the US kind of simplistic....especially on the internet. Don't know why I bother with it really.

  3. I can't let that go. I think I told you before Hugh I am liberal in some ways and conservative in others. Mainly I appreciate honesty. I think there has always been an element of socialism in America. Call it government spending on social services, roads, police, education or helping out your neighbours. But I agree it's become more polarized. All I see from your beloved Tea Party is anger at the changes.


    It just took me about 10 minutes to post that so do me a favor and leave out the personal stuff.

  4. If the tax dodgers kept their money in the country perhaps the government wouldn't have to borrow so much?


    Defence spending? Sure every country needs to defend itself but don't you think it's gone a little far? It basically looks like government spending to keep people employed.


    The Wall Street bailouts protected the stock market and the 401Ks.


    It all looks like the US version of socialism to me.


    I'm done with this board BTW. Tired of logging in and out. I'm sure I will be greatly missed.

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