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  1. Don't forget prosthetic limbs Hugh. Big money in that.
  2. Arabic could be useful for things like enhanced interrogation too.
  3. Unhappy Hubert. A New York college student who claims a Las Vegas hooker did not spend enough time making him happy has sued her escort service for $1.8 million. Unhappy customer Hubert Blackman said he was traumatized by the "tragic event," especially when he called cops and they threatened to bust him, the Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday. "I also would like to get my $275 payment back and a $1.8 million verdict for the tragic event that happened," Blackman said in the suit filed in Manhattan Federal Court, the paper said. Blackman was staying at the Stratosphere on Dec. 17 when he called Las Vegas Exclusive Personals to hire a stripper. Blackman said the woman performed a lap dance for $155 and a sex act for another $120. Instead of staying for the agreed-upon one hour, she left after just 30 minutes. The hapless tourist called to demand some of his money back. Then he called cops, who told him he could face arrest because prostitution is illegal in Sin City. Blackman told the newspaper the stripper solicited the sex act and he was unaware prostitution was illegal in Vegas. http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2011/01/21/2011-01-21_college_student_files_suit_for_18m_after_he_says_las_vegas_hooker_didnt_spend_en.html
  4. At least the governor has come up with something Jews and Muslims can agree on. That ain't easy.
  5. Piers Morgan was talking about it. He says if you drive an Aston Martin in the UK you have a good chance of someone throwing a brick at you whereas in the US people stop and say nice wheels.
  6. It's more than that I think. Brits find Americans boastful but they are mostly too polite to say anything. And a lot of Brits hate success. Did you see Rick Gervais hosting the Golden Globes? A lot of his jokes bombed....probably would have been better suited to a British audience. http://primetime.tv.yahoo.com/
  7. Are the Brits miffed? I get the impression anti-American sentiment is pretty strong there already below the surface. The special relationship may be a figment of some speech writer's imagination.
  8. Maybe. Interesting argument going on at the moment. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles says the British army is there because they enjoy it, to redeem their honour after leaving Basra, and because they would face cutbacks otherwise. Sir Richard Dannatt finds his comments insulting. http://www.thefirstpost.co.uk/73735,people,news,two-knights-at-war-over-disgraceful-afghan-story-
  9. Don't know about landmines but I suspect Obama's remarks to Sarkozy are part of the Lebanon plan. Somebody is trying to get a civil war going there and French help is needed.
  10. Yeah well keep up with the partisan stuff if it makes you happy Hugh. Your team control Congress now. You got your tax break. Now let's see some serious spending cuts that won't create more unemployment.
  11. "For gold to rise, the dollar would probably have to become more worthless.' That's what is happening. But the world population was a lot lower in the 1800s. Even if the economy improves the demand for commodities will increase. It doesn't mean everybody will start buying gold....just enough who don't trust paper to keep the price up.
  12. I see gold as insurance. Printing money seems to be all the US government can do. GOP talks about budget cuts but it's just talk. The debt just hit 14 trillion.
  13. Should be OK. This kind of volatility is normal with gold. But I think the big run up is over for a while. I'm looking for around $1600 per oz by year end. Most miners make money at anything over $600 if they don't sell forward too much.
  14. Mandy was always on the plump side. Kristine was a real English rose. They were both naughty though. Liked that Jamaican cock. I guess Hugh is trying to sell his gold. Big dump today. Of course he should be buying more.
  15. I actually met Ms Keeler believe it or not. Ages ago in a London Club. Very surprised when she hit the headlines.
  16. Under Sarah there will be no taxation and no social programs. Education will be cut back except for bible studies. Government will become unnecessary. Everybody will be free to shoot immigrants and caribou.
  17. You keep covering old ground Hugh. Do you really think people who see things in Biblical terms aren't dangerous? I'm getting kind of fed up with Obama too. But only because he lets the same old bullies push him around. I think Sarah has probably reached as many people as she ever will. Hard to see how she can grow her audience. Now she has to find a way to keep the fire going. Going to be interesting to see how the GOP handles her.
  18. It was those Tina Fey skits on SNL that got me interested in Sarah. I think the thing that pisses the 'liberal elite' off is the sophomoric cheer leading and lack of intellectual nuance. I mean they've had expensive educations and along comes this hockey mom!!
  19. So why did she take the famous crosshairs graphic off her website? I'll let OH deal with the Jerry Garcia question. Got any Stones questions? I might do better. My problem with Sarah and people like her is the way they take the bible literally. They talk about freedom but they want to organize the world round some mumbo-jumbo. But I don't hate her. In some ways I'd like to see her in the Whitehouse. It could be very entertaining if she doesn't blow us all up.
  20. Well he approves of it under certain circumstances. Sorry I didn't elaborate. Maybe I do too for all you know. Which leaves us with the Palin hating. Please show me a post where I, or anyone, have said they hate her.
  21. I don't know Dave. You seem like a bright guy but you sure like to shoot from the hip. Where does it say somebody who finds Palin interesting/amusing must hate her? Just google Dershowitz and torture OK.
  22. She definitely is. I guess that's reason enough.
  23. Apellate advisor if I remember right. He likes high profile cases. Calls himself a liberal. Approves of torture. Puzzles me a bit how quickly he jumped to Palin's defence.
  24. Any theories about why Foxman and Dershowitz let her off the hook? Those two are like the voice of Moses.
  25. Abe Foxman and Alan Dershowitz have given her a pass on that.
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