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  1. If someone wants to wreck their health and well being, that is their choice to do so to any extent they wish. So statistics showing health improvements attributable to such laws are of no consequence to me, UNLESS they are in regards specifically to the non-smoking population. Think about it, what if someone passed a law that said no more junkfood and studies showed health improved--that is a stupid justification. What matters is smokers are free to smoke and at the same time keep that crap to themselves and I am happy to see the way the new laws in Thailand are being enforced and that is exactly what is happening.
  2. The thing I don't understand is the same people who say it's their right to smoke next to other people are same people who react negatively should someone light up a cigar next to them! What happened to freedom, peoples rights, and the slippery slope?
  3. Patpong is rumored to be getting on board at that time too. I have noticed that as well. It went from smoke free to some very obvious reversals here and there. She could have reminded you that showing TNA is against the law.
  4. So it has been a month now, here is my take: Soi Cowboy it is strictly enforced since day one and there is no noticeable change in the number of customers that I can see. Nana/Patpong smoking still goes on, though not necessarily everywhere and ashtrays are provided at many places. Smoking seems a lot less now, perhaps some smokers are respecting the spirit of the law already. A major surprise is every Thai oriented place I have been to whether a giant disco in Bangkok or a tiny mom and pop joint in the far corner of Thailand signs are up and the no smoking ban is being enforced! So if you think this just a law to make pocket money off farangs while ignoring Thai's doing it, think again.
  5. That doesn't work. You sit down, order a beer, and seconds later a group of chain smokers sits down next to you occupying the last free seats. Even if there was another place to move, if you do that some smokers feel you are a real prude trying to show them up and go out of their way to blow smoke in your direction. It happens. Within a matter of seconds next to a smoker the smoke thoroughly permeates a person to the point they smell awful and they are stuck in that state until washing their clothes and showering. Cologne is not even in the same ball park unless people have a habit of splashing it on others sitting around them, but that wouldn't be tolerated too well would it? As someone else pointed out, it's a shame these laws are needed to apply what should have been a little common sense to smokers. Of course practical measures are made on all sorts of pollution. Let's keep in mind the smoking laws do not ban smoking or smokers. What the law says is you have the right to smoke, but you do not have the right to make others smoke your cigarettes.
  6. I think smokers and non-smokers both have some valid points. I even agree with some of what you write. But let's cut through the crap for a moment. Smoking next to someone is like urinating on them. There is no difference. You have to think of it like that to understand what it is like being on the receiving end. And hey, there are laws against public urination and I don't see anyone complaining about this as being nazi, a violation of their freedom, or part of a wider conspiracy. You are wrong so let me make it clear: NO ONE IS ADVOCATING BANNING SMOKING. What the laws say is smoke your cigarettes, as many and as often as you want (and personally I think the sin tax on cigarettes is a crock but that's another thread). That is your right to smoke and no one has the right to take it away. Just do not force others to smoke your cigarettes. One man's freedom ends where another begins. Another analogy: you can drink any amount of alcohol you wish as long as you don't get behind the wheel where it may be potentially detrimental to others. The new laws are a step forward in that they give people the freedom not to smoke while maintaining the freedom for others to smoke.
  7. Maybe because they already working those things for many years? While banning cars and motorbikes from public roads is unrealistic, things are being done. Thailand has tough vehicle emissions standards, dramatic limits on motorcycle engine displacement, uses natural gas to power taxis, and so on. Air quality in Bangkok has improved in the last 20 years despite explosive development. But bang for the buck, you just can't beat telling people to take their cig outside. While it might not be among the great polluters by a long shot, the cost to eliminate it 100% is nearly free. Thus, it makes a lot of sense when you look at it not by its ranking, but in terms of what can be achieved and at what cost.
  8. I have been to each of the gogo areas after the ban went into effect. I hit roughly 10 bars each: 1. Cowboy completely smoke free. I will be spending a lot more time here in the future. 2. Patpong smoke everywhere, business as usual 3. Nana smoke everywhere, though some say there are bars that have gone smoke free though I have yet to notice them though I admit halfway into the night I gave up checking. If and when I do notice non smoking bars I will always in the future make a beeline for them and avoid the smokey ones. So moral of the story is don't think a bar or area that allows smoking hurts another because it can work exactly the opposite! You lose one smoker here, but gain two non-smokers there.
  9. Heh, that reminds me of a similar scam. You go to one of those nice pick out your own live seafood in the tanks restaurants, then head to your table while they cook them up. That's when they throw your selections back in the tanks and substitute them with some lower grade dead stuff or skim your quantity. Som nom na?
  10. Maybe this will be enlightening to some to see the bangkok post and this journalist apparently do not feel pressured to not write about this. Sort of debunks some of the theories about who is involved in the scam and the life threatening consequences of acting against them.
  11. Stan, glad to have your input since I was thinking it was just me. We'll see how smug they are when they are the fool everyone is laughing at. Throw in the expats who gloat, cheer and ridicule those whose visa strategy just got axed (happens on another message board).
  12. You guys swapping war stories about farangs getting killed by mafia wouldn't actually happen to have any news story links to support them would you? Right, thought not. Fact is the guy has won decisively. His pictures continue to stay on the net for the world to see and the scammers, every single one of them, is fully aware of it. Despite knowing exactly who he is, what he is doing, and having the perfect opportunity confronting him, nothing happened. They were not able to punish him one bit. No smashed camera, no kicking, nothing. The police even got a good laugh as they didn't do anything to him and no crime was committed. Chalk one up for the farang.
  13. I read stick's column and it seems clubsiam now has the mafia guys by the balls. Unwittingly, his recognition by them has now swung the balance in his favor. He can press his advantage if he wants to; his move now. Unrelated tangent, I was apalled the same article stated: "Cowboy seems to attract those who are more budget conscious" WTF? Name one gogo bar outside of Cowboy that charges 140 baht for a drink. Name one gogo outside Cowboy that charges 700 for a barfine. Is there any? Patpong is easily the best gogo area for the budget minded. And Nana less than Cowboy. Cowboy led the charge in 2007 price hikes, even though it was already the most expensive. I have no clue what planet the person who wrote that statement is from. In patpong, THE BEST gogo's charge 100 for a drink. In Cowboy, if you stick to the WORST gogo's you will have trouble finding that price.
  14. Just because something is out in the open doesn't necessarily mean it is part of a larger conspiracy to fleece tourists. My farang beggar example should be ample evidence of this. I am waiting for someone to say he is a plant and on the TAT payroll so I can get a good laugh.
  15. You could say they are not doing enough, but I don't think that necessarily implicates TAT or the tourist police. Take for instance the farang begger who is at it day after day, year after year by the sky train making a killing scamming well intentioned tourists and even Thai's thinking they are helping him get a plane ticket home. Surely no one is going to make a conspiracy theory that TAT & the tourist police are behind that. That's just one example. As someone mentioned, allowing the gang of Thai's to tell everyone the palace is closed so they can get them on their tuk tuk is one of the most apalling of them all. It ruins a lot of people's day, and should they later learn it is a scam, casts a negative impression on the country that such a sacred place is allowed to be disrespected like that.
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