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  1. Just a general reply, not directed at u Julian, havent posted in here for years so a bit rusty End of the day its all mental, overcome the need to constantly graze, or to overeat at every sitting and you are well on the way to controlling it. The gym is all well and good but its proven that 80% of weight loss is in what you eat, there is no easy solution. For me the gym is a way to maintain musle mass and bone density, aerobics is fine for burning up energy but free weights are about the only way to maintain bone density. Feeling a little hungry all the time is good for you, I would rather feel slightly peckish than bloated all the time.
  2. Damn nasty bitches, the less hardened sister comes across ok, but underneath she is just as dangerous as her bigger bossier sister. They also hang out with a small girl who looks 18 but is actually 27 and has 3 kids! Bet that surprises a few guys who have been with her How do I know? My mate spent most of his BKK time with the softer sister in dec/jan, and I saw first hand how she acts outside the bar, and her sister too, I wouldnt touch them with a 10 ft barge pole, the looks etc mean nothing..
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