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  1. On holiday in Belle-gium, leaving for Isaan this Sunday morning. Will drink some champagne on my way out around lunchtime and hope they will still have a bottle of Meursault on board. Finally and officially retired. Health still OK, replenished my meds for 6 months, no further problems in that regard. Bought land 1km outside Mee's village, built house without swimming pool because we don't want the hassle to maintain it. Life has never been better, we travel a lot to escape the heath and village life. We are in the process of adopting a fantastic little girl, now 15 months young, it's lots of fun to wake up with 2 females in our bed and to spend the day with them. The little one keeps us busy all day with running after her and closing all the drawers she opened and emptied. We have two dogs and go walking them every morning around the fields, the 5 of us. I don't have enough time on hand to read the 5000 books on my ipad. And you, still working hard? When do you plan to move to HH with your ega? Take care also! I have no intention to make a comeback here, way too boring reading the usual stuff.
  2. Oh common Cent! What do you call a tourist-sex-pat who falls in love with the first BG in the first gogo or beerbar he enters? You met them, you met many of them. So did I. I call them idiots. Som Nam na. Their blood left their brains to circulate their penises. Their woman walk them like someone leads a dog by the leash, but they walk/pull their dick. Their numbers are huge, I would not dare to guess a % though, say 80, 85, 90? I have no sympathy for these idiots; I don't run a restaurant neither, so I do not need to socialise with them. And yes expats do live here happily with Thai wives, well hidden away from Sin City. I even have a few acquaintances who do live in Sin City and combine well their sins with their GFB (Good-Farang-Boy) lives. And Oh, I am one of those guys who build a nice farang house in her name, two cars, one samlor, one motorbike, a lot of cash in her bank account. And I have a plan B,C and D (house, money, decent pension from abroad) I remember 't was Belgian Boy who got upset learning about my plan B,C and D. How are you doing BB? Really sad what's going on in Hitler's Salute thread. This board has not improved over the years
  3. Indeed, one of the dumbest inventions ever, together with guns. No cars, no thousands of deaths and disabled on roads any more. We have invented better transport means.
  4. The same police man came with the same purpose to visit an other farang in the village. Seems they are lining us up. Not like the Gestapo yet, but that might come some day
  5. Strange, I was sitting on the porch of our future house (we will move in next week) when a plain clothes cop stopped by, presented himself and filled in a form asking for both our names and the adress of the place. When I asked the gf "why" answer was to know where the farangs are. No passport or photos asked. Doubt I would give this withouth further questions.
  6. In LOS you mean??? After 5 beers I am drunk and don't want to fuck a BG in a drunken state! I hate to pay lady driks or feeding the bar, ringing the bell? Never. Conclusion? 3 beers and one lady drink, 500 baht max? Outside LOS, when I quit my job I happily paid 20k for my good-by party and my bos was not invited...I hope he is rotting in Hell
  7. I couldn't agree more, 11 days back "home" at last, flush Europe.
  8. [color:"red"]For all the posters that are bemoaning this AWFUL commercialisation stop being so selfish, do you not want them to have the same infrastructure as we do in the west, with safe water and ATM's do you not, what do you want, poverty for the Thai people, is that what you want. You sound like a lot of the (scum) that inhabit Kao San road looking for that pooor people experience, wanting above all else to be a real novelty, and getting pissed off when you are just another bod.[/color] Well, I happen to know a few small scale beaches in Holland and Germany and montain villages in Italy and Austria, and God forgotten villages in the middle of France, Portugal and Spain where life has no comparaison with the Kao San scum as you tent to classify me into. Btw, Thailand also has some places like theones I mentionned, where I happen to live. It is possible to develop tourism at a more human level, but this seems to be beyond your understanding. So please go and stay at places like Kuta, Pattaya and Phuket.
  9. I for one am happy with such statements. It's a pity Pukhet and other places in Thailand resemble Torremolinos, Malaga, Benidorm, Teneriffe and other similar places. Unfortunately, tourism is creating an un-human environment for people to go on holiday. Try to understand that. Luckily there are still a few places left, but unspoiled? No.
  10. I'll tell you after trip 24 wich starts 12 days from now (might take a long time though, return date UNKNOWN)
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